Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Routine In Medellin

As I have mentioned before, I am visiting Medellin for two weeks and within these two weeks I am trying to do and see as much as I can since my stay here is limited. You know what? let me take that back, even though I say that I am trying to do and see as much as I can, my stay here is very carefree and without pressure to do or see everything that's recommended as a "must do" while in Medellin. I am going with the flow here and doing whatever I feel like doing and not what I feel I should be doing while in this city. Does that make sense?

My routine in Medellin consists of going to Spanish classes in the morning between 9 am and 12 noon, after class sometimes we (the students and teacher) may decide to go out for lunch together which is great because I have discovered some good spots that have good and cheap food.

Check out the massive burgers, McDonalds and the American fast food gang have got nothing on Colombian burgers. The best burgers I have ever had and very cheap too!

Gloves were handed out with the meal.........messes do happen you know.

How hilarious is this menu? was it necessary to put a big busted cartoon on there?

Hmmm? maybe I could give this Dolly Parton look alike some competition.

If I am not doing lunch with my classmates and teacher I usually head back to my room for lunch, relax a little bit then head out to discover more of this city. Today I ventured out to downtown and walked around enjoying the very vibrant part of the city. There were a lot of vendors selling everything you could think off, the crowds were massive and the noise level was high but I enjoy such environments so it wasn't a bother to me.

Believe it or not this was one of the less crowded area.

The things that happen around this church, Dios! I will just say this, walk away very fast if some old guy starts getting friendly and chatting you up.

The metro in Medellin, it has made my movement within the city so convenient, fast and super easy.

That's it folks, just taking it easy in Medellin and discovering new things about this city each day. I have to admit though, I do miss the salsa vibe of Cali.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Yes, black people do get sunburned for those who thought otherwise. Today I was telling this guy how much sunburn I got in Cali and he looked shocked, he thought it was impossible for black skin to burn. We are not made of steel you know.

Most if not all juices here are served with milk. If you go to a restaurant and order mango juice for instance, they will ask you if you want it with milk or water. I always opt for the milk option, it's usually very rich and sweet.

Speaking of juice, there is an abundance of fruits in Colombia so getting real fruit juice that's fresh is really cheap.

There is a cosmetic surgeon's office above the house where I am staying at. They specialize in liposuction.

Watching a soccer tournament here is a lot of fun. The passion people have in the game is very contagious. My host last night invited me to go watch a soccer match last night with his friends and even though I am not a sports fan, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun.

Medellin doesn't appear to be as diverse as Cali.

Some old men here are very sleazy and I avoid making any eye contact with them - trust me, I have had weird encounters. Note that I said some, I don't want to generalize.

There are so many foreigners in this city that people don't get shocked when they realize I am not Colombian. In Cali I was always getting shocked expressions from people once they realized I am not Colombian.

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