Friday, April 4, 2014

Around The World In Rings

I have a thing for rings and whenever I travel to a different place I always buy a ring as a memento. The good thing about rings is that they are small and very portable so I never have to worry about carrying them around. Everyday I wear a different ring and some of them actually reflect the mood I am in at any particular given day.

My favorite ring of all, it has a prayer inscribed on it in Portuguese. I bought this in Brazil and had to look up the translation. This is a very special ring because it represents something very personal to me. I have also used it as a decoy in more than one occasion to feign attachment. In Argentina I experienced so much street harassment from sleazy men and I used to wear this ring to help ward off attention. I don't know if I fooled anyone, does it look convincing?
 Got this in Argentina at a very artsy neighborhood and it was hand made. The artisans were actually making the rings right there and then. This caught my attention and I had to get it. Without fail whenever I wear this one someone always asks where I got it from.
Got this in Turkey when I was traveling with one of my really good friends. She is the one who actually picked this choice for me because we were at this artsy store and there were so many cute rings I could not decide which one to buy and she thought this one looked very unique and different. This ring brings some good memories of that trip and I am glad whenever I wear it I remember my time in Turkey.
Another favorite of mine. I got this in Peru and I remember it was on my birthday and I had just come from touring Machu Picchu and I was so happy because seeing the site had been something I had always wanted to experience. I was looking for a ring that would always remind me of that moment and this one caught my eye.
Got this in Panama, when I saw it I just fell in love. The color is very different from what I have in my collection and I liked how it looked on my finger. The guy who was selling it quoted it at $3 and as I was contemplating buying it (yes, it takes me a while to decide whether I should buy a particular ring or not. Call me fussy) another vendor took over and quoted $5. I got mad and walked away, it wasn't about the money it was about the principle. Anyway, I kept thinking about the ring and came back to get it............well, actually I wanted to save face so I asked my friend to pretend that she liked it as we walked past the vendor and buy it on my behalf as I pretended I wasn't interested in what he was selling. I know it sounds lame but $5 later I had my ring, principle or no principle I had to have this ring.

Got this in Panama, I loved the designs on it and I am sure the lady overcharged me but it was less than $10 anyway and I really liked it so I bought it regardless..........found other rings with similar designs on them for way less but it didn't really matter, I had to have this ring.

Got this last year in Colombia because of the color. I had been looking for a red ring but never found the right shade that I liked until I came across this one. I remember the guy I bought it from was very friendly and we were bargaining back and forth in my next to none existent Spanish until he lowered the price. He ended up giving me a hug at the end of the transaction and was laughing because he said I was a tough bargainer.

Got this one in Brazil, it doesn't fit in with my usual style but I liked it so much when I  saw it and it kind of reflected my feelings at the time. It's actually one of my favorites and it garners attention whenever I wear it. Some appreciate it while some think it's too morbid. I love it! and wear it on certain occasions when I feel some type of way. Well, I wear it when I want to feel like a bad arse.

Got this in Spain from a Peruvian store. At the time I remember thinking, "I wish I could make it to Peru one day to see Machu Picchu." Never in my wildest dream did I imagine I would ever fulfill this long held dream. I bought it because I figured I would never make it to Peru anyway so might as well get something from there while I could.

That's it folks, I have many more rings but I am sure there is only so many fingers you can tolerate in a post. I hope to continue collecting more rings.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I should have a post solely dedicated to my interactions with dudes around here.

My feet swell when it gets hot. Thanks to that, one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I carried with me for comfortable long distance walking no longer fit well and I might have to buy another pair.

Papayas have become my best friend and everyday I have to have some. Helps with digestion......TMI?

I never thought I would say this but I have come to appreciate cold showers. Don't get me wrong, I still have to count up to 3 before I get in the water and I still do a little jig within those first few seconds when I am getting used to the temperature but after that..........BLISS!!!!

Turns out our water bill is paid separate and is not included in the rent plus it can get pricey. All along I was wondering why Fernanda fused when I was doing dishes and would let the water run as I soaped up the dishes, now I know. Even my long blissful showers have been reduced now that I know bliss doesn't come cheap.

A lot of places around here don't like it when you flush toilet paper down the drain because as I have been told before, it can mess up the plumbing (something about the older plumbing systems not being able to handle all the flushed toilet paper) most bathrooms have little bins on the side for you to dispose your used toilet paper. Of course I always forget and flush my used ones. I hope I haven't made someone's job tougher in the process, sorry.

Speaking of disposing used toilet paper, at the apartment I had been flushing mine until Fernanda told me that I should dispose it in the bin under the sink, you have to fold it nicely and be discreet of course. Now I know why there was always a lot of toilet paper in the bin! every time I forget and I flush the toilet paper down the drain I literally cross my fingers hoping that it doesn't cause some sewer back up. Can you imagine the site??

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