Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do You Want A Boyfriend In Cali?

That's the question I have been asked by several people in Cali and It always amuses me to some extent and makes me wonder if there is something special about the men here, prompting several people to suggest that I should get one while in Cali. Do these people know something I don't?

Here are a few funny scenarios I have come across:

Taxi Driver - I took a taxi to head back to the apartment and as the taxi driver initiated conversation, he figured out pretty quick that I was a foreigner. The usual questions then followed: where are you from? how long are you visiting Cali? do you have a boyfriend? I answered the questions since I figured there was no harm. The taxi driver then proceeded to ask me if I would like to get a boyfriend in Cali all the while shooting me suggestive looks which I chose to ignore. As we got closer to my apartment he started saying that if I ever wanted to practice my Spanish or go out to dance salsa I should give him a call. As he was saying this I was looking at his backseat thinking, "Hmmmm? and where exactly would the Spanish "practice" be taking place? in the back seat of your car? no thank you!"

Street Vendor - This guy sells fresh fruit juice at the park I like going to. The usual questions mentioned above were asked once he figured out I am not from Cali, I am beginning to wonder if every dude here has the same script. Right on cue he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to get a boyfriend in Cali. I laughed it off but dude was serious! he even called two of his friends and presented them to me asking me to pick whoever I thought was more handsome. Talk about awkward, I just laughed it off and walked away after paying for my juice.

Grocery store guy - We live next to a grocery store and I have become a frequent visitor since I stop by to get necessities there. This guy who works at the store started talking to me one day and I could not understand what he was saying because he was speaking very fast so I told him to speak slowly because I was still learning Spanish. The usual questions followed and of course the "do you want a boyfriend in Cali" question was included. Dude started being flirtatious and even asked if he could come up to my apartment. I was taken aback and asked him why he needed to come to my apartment, he said he just wanted to visit and talk..................Hmmm, really?

Fernanda's friend - This guy is really sweet and funny and is our reliable taxi driver as well. One day when he was giving me a ride he asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I was interested in getting one from Cali. I laughed off his questions and since I feel more comfortable with him I was able to joke around with my response and he got a laugh out of it. In the end he said I should consider getting a boyfriend in Cali.

Fernanda's mum - During one of our walks to the park, I noticed this really cute guy and I pointed him out to her. She proceeded to point out every cute guy we passed after that and I got a kick out of it, the inevitable question did eventually pop you want a boyfriend in Cali?

That's it folks, my answer is always no. I don't want a boyfriend in Cali or anywhere else for that least not now. Solo quiero vivir mi vida.

PS: Original song was sung by Cheb Khaled - (C'est La Vie) but i prefer the Spanish version.

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