Wednesday, April 9, 2014


When Fernanda's family met me some of them mentioned that I looked like one of her cousins. The cousin's name kept coming up and I was curious to see who this lucky lady that resembles me was hehehe

This past weekend I finally got to meet her and I didn't think we looked alike so I asked Fernanda why some of her family members thought we looked alike. She said that it is because our body structures are somewhat similar, we are both short and curvy (meaning well endowed around the chest area and backside). The cousin then proceeded to pull up her shirt to show me what she was working with, I of course had a wide eyed expression on my face thinking, "she just pulled up her shirt just like that?" I tell you some of the conversations that take place here amuse me and slowly by slowly I am getting less fazed.

The cousin was really sweet and friendly, smart girl too! she is studying to be a lawyer while working full-time.

Do you think she is my doppelgänger? I think not but one thing I have to say is her waistline has motivated me to work out more.

Speaking of figures, cosmetic surgery here is really cheap and people come from all over to get "work" done on their bodies. Fernanda was telling me that a lot of actresses and models from other cities come to Cali for cosmetic surgery. Hmm? I wonder if all the flat stomachs and perfect hour glass figures I have been seeing around are natural or have been enhanced by surgery.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I find myself using common phrases that  are used here. Today I had to call my bank in the US and when the guy on the other end asked me something I did not understand I responded "que?"

When I see a cute guy I find myself turning to Fernanda and saying "Uuuii! papasito!" I got that phrase from her and the cousin.

I am so glad I got my eyes fixed and I no longer have to worry about contact lenses and solutions.

I have tried uploading videos taken with my camera and phone on this blog but for some reason I keep getting an error message which sucks because I have so many cool videos I have taken.

Did I ever mention how cool Whatsapp is? love it!

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