Saturday, April 5, 2014

Me Encanta Salsa!

I had the pleasure of meeting yet another new friend through a connection I had been given. We messaged each other, exchanged information and I came to learn that she loves to dance salsa as well and doesn't live too far from me.

Last night we met up to go out dancing and she took me to her favorite salsa place. You know if someone tells you, "wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes" you are in for an interesting night of dance so you better be prepared. I was very excited and could not wait to see what another night life in Cali had in store for me.

The place she took me to did not disappoint at all. Picture a small club with a dance floor in the middle, little chairs and tables on the side and posters of all the salsa legends plastered all over the walls. This place played strictly salsa, there was no break between the songs and the transition from one song to the next was awesome. I was in heaven! enjoying a glass of wine, listening and dancing to some of my favorite songs as well as checking out some of the really good dancers on the floor felt exhilarating.

The vibe was very casual and you could clearly see the love people had for salsa by their actions on the dance floor. As Fernanda had told me, salsa is sensual and it's about listening to what the song is saying and moving to the meaning of the words. You don't need to be flashy with fancy turns or steps, enjoy the song and let it move you.

My new friend; Edna, turned out to be such a good dancer and so was her friend who later joined us. He was such a funny guy and very energetic. Whenever he showed me a move and I would get it right he would nod his head enthusiastically and say "eso!" After our first dance together I complimented his dancing skills and he said with passion, "Me encanta salsa!" he did not need to tell me, I could clearly see it in his movements.

This girl can dance! the guy next to her was also a very good dancer and they danced really well together. The flow was so smooth and I kept thinking before I leave Cali I have to get that flow.

Edna's friend, he was so lively and fun to dance with. He showed me a few moves and his enthusiasm was contagious.

Can you spot yours truly?

This couple (girl in white pants) danced so good it was mesmerizing watching them move.

That's it folks, nights like this make me appreciate Cali even more.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

The entrance to the club was roughly around $3 and with it we got coupons for 2 beers or a glass of wine. Great deal if you ask me.

There is a modified style of salsa called "salsa choke" that is danced here in Cali. I have to learn it before leaving. I just can't seem to get the steps right but I will keep practicing until I get it.

Internet is amazing for the fact that it has helped me meet people who have helped me a lot.

Mosquito bites here are not a joke. The itch is crazy and lasts for days! I just hope I don't leave any permanent scars with all the scratching I have been doing.

These mosquitos are so sleek, you don't hear or see them and you only realize of their existence when you start feeling itchy. My poor feet have suffered.

I love how I fit in and don't stand out. There is a sizable afro population in Colombia so people assume I am Colombian until I open my mouth then they get really surprised.

I can't believe this is only my 2nd week in Cali, feels like I have been here for so long.