Monday, March 17, 2014

A Year Older In Panama

Today is my birthday and I am glad that I was able to maintain my personal tradition. I have to say that I had a pretty good day, Jeannie my friend surprised me with lunch at this really good Panamanian restaurant that we frequent then later on treated me to some really good ice cream. I thought it was really sweet of her to do that and I did not expect it at all. We spent the day together in Casco Antiguo, the historic district of Panama and had a really good time despite the brutal heat (my poor skin).

March 2014 - 34th birthday in Panama

These are some of the pictures I took during the day at Casco Antiguo.

I came to the realization that I already got the best birthday gift I could ever ask for, the fact that I chose to leave everything behind and take a leap of faith in doing what I have always wanted to do, that in itself is the best gift I could ever have asked for. I am grateful that my dreams have come true and that I did this for myself. I am very content.

I am in love with life:)

Random Thought of The Day:

I am beginning to notice a certain dress code in women around Panama City, tight pants that leave nothing to the imagination and small tops with push up bras. Actually some of these push ups are extreme that I often wonder how the women breath, it just looks so uncomfortable.

Speaking of dress codes, women here seem to love showing off their curves and I can not even count the number of shapely behinds and voluptuous tops that I have seen being proudly displayed. Even I have taken double takes on more than one occasion. Did I ever mention how the mannequins on display at shops even have certain body parts enhanced?

I find it so cute when my Spanish teacher calls me Amor or Cariño in class then gives me a hug at the end of class for a job well done. How cute!

Drivers in Panama City are very aggressive and scary. Whenever I seat in the front when taking a taxi I am always holding my breath because of how close I think we are to an accident. They seem so unfazed and some even laugh at my nerves. Today I actually got so scared that I grabbed the arm of a taxi driver, he just laughed it off.

It's funny and kind of weird watching some American shows that have been translated to Spanish on
TV especially cartoons. Imagine Butt or Homer Simpson speaking Spanish.

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