Saturday, March 8, 2014

Panama City

I am in Panama city currently after getting here last night and I have to admit my first night here was not the best for me. I was in a bad mood, I hated the hot humid weather, I hated my small stuffy room and I just wanted to go home frankly speaking.

After a good night's sleep I woke up in a better mood and a better attitude. I went to register for my Spanish classes which start on Monday then bought some groceries and came to my room to relax and escape the heat while waiting to meet up with this friendly lady from Arizona that I met last night, for some sight seeing.

We went to Casco Antiguo which is the historic district of Panama city, it was really pretty with narrow roads, pretty plazas and old buildings with cute balconies that reminded me so much of Cartagena, Colombia.

We came across this small market that had really cool traditional Panamanian crafts, this was the entrance.

It was actually pretty cool being in the historic district then looking over at the horizon and seeing all these new high-rise buildings.

We did a lot of sight seeing despite the hot weather and I enjoyed myself a lot. Hanging out with my new friend Jeanie was pretty cool too because she was very easy going and we got along pretty well.

Tomorrow we are going to hike some trails and i am looking forward to it, should be a good work out for sure. I am slowly warming up to Panama city and I hope the days to come will make me fall in love with this place.

I forgot to mention, Panama City is very diverse and I have seen all shades of skin color here. I was even mistaken for Panamanian until I opened my mouth.........I am not yet fluent in Spanish but i hope that will change with time.

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