Monday, March 10, 2014

A Glimpse Into My New Life So Far

I don't know what possessed me to take intensive Spanish classes because 4 hours of Spanish every morning is a killer. After the first hour I kept looking at my teacher's watch wishing the next 3 hours would go by fast. Aii! Dios, Spanish is not easy! the verbs, dealing with past, present and future tenses.......I had a headache at the end of class. I find that I read and write better in Spanish than I speak.

The good thing about class is that I met new people and even made another new friend; Amber, who is super cool and is actually planning on traveling through South America for almost 2 years and may take the same path I am taking. Talking to such people motivates me more and makes me realize that I made the right decision to do this.

Day 3 in Panama and I am beginning to warm up to this place, I knew it would happen and it was just a matter of time. I have been getting familiar with my neighborhood and took a few pictures to give you an idea of my new life. Enjoy!

This is right outside the guest house that I am staying in

This is the street I use to go to school, if you look close enough you can see Einstein's head (the white object between the two trees). It's a very useful landmark for some of us who have a horrible sense of direction plus it comes in handy when directing taxi drivers because once you tell them the neighborhood and mention "La Cabeza de Einstein" then they know where to drop you off.

If I ever have a craving for a Subway sandwich, I am covered. This is across the road from my school and just right round the block from where I live.

The area I live at has many high-rise apartments, some look very trendy and pricey.

Check me out with my groceries for the week woop! woop! I am slowly building a routine so even the most basic task gives me a sense of accomplishment in that I feel like my life is slowly adapting to my new environment. 

The place I stay at is in a nice neighborhood but don't get it twisted, security is emphasized. Every apartment has these metal doors for added security. 

 Then you get inside the hallway and it doesn't look as intimidating. That's my room on the left.

This is the shared kitchen for the students staying at the guest house. Great place to meet fellow students and make new friends or just chill on the balcony.

View from the balcony. Nice, right?

That's it folks I hope you get an idea of my soon to be everyday life in Panama. I have homework which sucks but I gotta do it if I am serious about my Spanish.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I love the age group at my school and the guest house where I am staying at. Most people are more mature and there isn't a party crowd. I am not against partying but I am past that stage and I appreciate peace and quiet so I like the crowd that I have encountered so far.

I am so glad that my mood has changed for the better because now I can appreciate my experience here and not let this trip go to waste. Meeting the new people that I have come across has also played a part in improving my mood because so far everyone is nice and very open. 

I have just started noticing how cute the men here are hahahaha okay I am not blind so how can I not appreciate beauty when I see it right? I gotta say the various mixtures of races here has produced some fine specimen!

The mannequins here are hilarious. The female mannequins have big boobs and almost look like they had boob jobs and the male mannequins have some serious muscles going on. I should take some pictures.

Body image here is impressive because no one seems conscious of their physique. I am basing this on the outfits I have seen. Let's just say certain outfits are not suitable for everyone but who cares, they are still worn with pride. Gotta love the confidence.

Did I mention in Panama they use US dollars? yes they do and it's so convenient because you don't have to deal with exchange rates. Also you don't need an adapter to charge your electronics because they use the same voltage as the US. 

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