Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forming A Routine

I have noticed that I have been slowly forming a routine that gives my day some sort of structure and  gives me something to look forward to.

In the morning I wake up an hour and a half before class and after breakfast I rush through my homework before heading out to school. The walk to school is less than 10 minutes so that's convenient for me.

School ends at 12:30 pm and I usually get lunch soon after before heading to my room to drop off my school stuff. I don't like staying in my room after school because the heat can tempt you into taking a siesta and I feel like since I have limited time in Panama, I have to be on the go to maximize my time here so no siesta for me. Sleeping during the day messes up my sleep at night anyway.

Everyday since getting here I have had activities that have kept me busy and I like it that way.

Yesterday I went to check out Amber's apartment as she invited me to go hang out. Her apartment is really pretty and not too far from where she lives, there is a nice path for: walking, jogging and biking. Every evening the parks and walking paths are usually full of adults working out and kids playing. The heat is usually bearable in the evening so it does feel good to be outside.

Today after school I went to Albrook mall which is the biggest mall in central America and walked around window shopping, I love shopping so I was curious to see what Albrook mall had to offer. Thank God I was able to control my shopping impulse even though I saw so many things that i liked.

Later on I went to check out the highly recommended Parque Omar (Park Omar) for some recreational activities. The park is pretty and ideal for walking, running and working out with machines. There is actually a small gym within the park where you can work out with weights and they have these fun and cool aerobic type equipments out in the open for the public to freely use.  Came across some cool art work too.

I headed home after walking around the Park and by the time I got to my room i was all sweaty, sticky, hungry and ready for a good long shower. Speaking of rooms, the director of the school I attend managed to get me a bigger room which is way better than the original room I had been given. Ladies and gentlemen, I room. Simple, clean, full of natural light and comfortable.

That's it folks, I better do some homework before I head to bed because i have a lot and I haven't even looked at it since I got out of class.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I get the impression that Panama City is full of young new money and this young new money is more than ready and willing to spend big.

I really need to be practicing my Spanish but it's a bit hard because after school I hang out with English speaking folks so that doesn't help me much. Usually it's other students from the school. I try to practice more with taxi drivers and some are actually very friendly and patient enough to humor me.

In Colombia I will get better opportunity to practice since I will not be surrounded by English speaking folks.

Many taxi drivers here will give you their name and phone number after they drop you off so that you can use their services again. I think that's nice because if you get a good driver you can always reach out to them for rides and avoid some of the hustle of dealing with some sketchy drivers who try to over charge you once they realize you are not Panamanian.

I had an unexpected personal conversation with one of my teachers in class and I have to say, never judge a book by it's cover. She told me some things about her life and I shared mine and at the end of the conversation I saw her with a different set of eyes........I am glad we had that conversation.

Panama is slowly growing on me.

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