Thursday, March 6, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I am all packed up and ready to go after a lot of back and forth on what to pack and what to leave behind. I hate packing! that's the only part of travel that I never look forward to. It wasn't easy fitting all my stuff in that backpack but I did my best and whatever could not fit in, I am leaving behind.

I can't believe that today will be the last day before my trip, tomorrow at a time like this I will be out of here and air bound to Panama. These last few days have been hectic, stressful and more emotional than I had imagined.

The last time I said this kind of goodbye was 14 years ago when I was moving to the US, now I am moving yet again and even though I will be coming back to the US I will not be moving back to Minnesota, the place I have called home since 2000. I would like to move to a different state and start afresh, I feel like I have outgrown Minnesota and I just want new beginnings.

In this age of social media I know keeping in touch will be easy but I will miss the face to face interactions with those who are dear to me, I will miss going to my favorite book store or hang outs, I will miss having my own comfortable space and being in my comfort zone. I don't know what this new adventure will bring but I hope at the end of it all I will be able to say it was worth it.

Saying goodbye has been tough but my friends have been awesome and encouraging, making things so much easier instead of sad. There is one goodbye though that no one can make easier and that is the goodbye I will have to say to my boyfriend tomorrow when I head to the airport. I am definitely not looking forward to that...............

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