Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Country Living

I am beginning to notice how each day of the week seems to be the same because I am not working. When I was working I could definitely tell the difference because I was always looking forward to the weekend. Now, everyday is like a weekend for me and all I look forward to is what activity I have planned for the day as opposed to how many days are left before getting to Friday or Saturday. I love it!

My first weekend in Cali was full of meeting my roommate's family and just hanging out. We were supposed to go out but everyone was tired so we just ended up listening to music in the house and dancing. It was a lot of fun actually and anyway, I have many weekends here so I am in no rush to experience the famous night life of Cali.

Today (Monday) happened to be a holiday so we (Roommate, her daughter, cousin and I) decided to get out of the city and go to the country because they wanted to show me a bit of life outside the city. They have an aunt who lives in a farmhouse at a place called Santander and they thought it would be cool to pass by her place and introduce me to country living plus they also wanted to introduce me to the aunt.

Santander, the place they took me to was really pretty and tranquil. It's one of those places ideal for weekend getaways away from the hectic pace of city life. Picture green landscape, all kinds of farm animals and spread out farm houses.

Trust me, I was nervous as hell carrying this baby goat don't let the smile fool you.

She is a natural with the animals.

Sure feels good to lay on one of these when tired and in need of a "chill" moment.

We left Santander and went to another little city for some lunch. Here is the whole gang minus my roommate who was busy taking the picture.

My roommate, her cousin and I.

That's it folks. Everything is going well and I am enjoying my stay here as my roommate takes the pleasure of showing me around the city and places that she loves.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Country life is not for me at all. A weekend is more than enough for me and I am talking visiting on a Friday and leaving on a Sunday.........morning! does that sound harsh?

Every time I see a mosquito I freak out a little because a good friend of mine recently got malaria while on vacation and almost died. In the evening there were plenty of mosquitoes in Santander and even though we used repellant spray I could not help thinking, "damn! what if one of these suckers infects me with malaria?"

Money belts seem to be big here, I see a lot of people (both men and women) with money belts strapped to their waists.

The Mohawk is alive and well over here. I see so many men with all variations of mohawk hairstyles.

I regret donating my shorts before I left the states. I don't know what possessed me to think I would not need them because I sure do. I will just buy a pair here.

Drivers in Cali don't honk senselessly like those in Panama city. Today while taking a walk with my roommate it struck me how quiet the cars were.

Going back to the basics, I have been watching cartoons with my roommate's daughter and they actually help with my Spanish.

Speaking of my roommate's daughter, she says I am her favorite aunt. How sweet is that???? yesterday I noticed her busy concentrating on the computer and when I checked she was trying to translate "Te quiero J" to English so that she could show me.

A lot of men here wear tight or well fitting pants. I have yet to see baggy or loose clothes.

I wonder how menopausal women going through hot flashes survive with this heat.