Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day Well Spent

My feet are swollen and sore and lord knows how many calories were burned today but I have to say it was a day well spent.

I woke up early ready to hike some trails that Jeanie had mentioned yesterday. We were joined by Cathy from San Francisco, another residence in the guest house where we are all staying. I was really looking forward to the hike but I had under estimated how difficult it would be, 10 Kilometers later I could barely put one foot in front of the other due to exhaustion.

What made the trail we took difficult was the rocky terrain and steep hills not to mention trying to navigate through thick undergrowth. What kept me motivated was the thought of the number of calories we must have all have been burning, better than any gym machine for sure! (trying to lose the winter weight i packed on).

This was us at the beginning of our trail looking all happy and excited.

Still energetic

Getting tired

The end - tired as hell, sore feet, hungry, hot and sticky but happy that we made it to the end.

Pretty much that was the summary of my day, the hike took up a chunk of the day and by the time we made it to our rooms everyone was ready to shower, eat and sleep. If only I could get a foot massage right about now.........

Random Thoughts Of The Day:

I am so glad that I met Jeanie and Cathy because they have been good company and a good distraction from my sadness........I miss my boyfriend so much. The three of us seem to get along pretty well so hanging out together has been very pleasant so far.

The men here are quite bold in the way they show attraction to the opposite sex. There is no subtlety at all, from honking their horns at women to openly oogling. Take for instance the taxi driver we used today, this guy had three women in the cab with him yet had no shame honking at a woman jogging by the side of the road, we all just started laughing at the absurdity of it all but dude looked at us like we were weird. At one point when Cathy was alone with him, he asked her if she was married with kids and she said no, he started complimenting her and she could tell where the conversation was headed so she put a stop to it. The guy is married by the way.

I fit in here very well as most people assume I am Panamanian. Today we went to the grocery store before our hike and when Jeanie had a question for the cashier, she answered back looking at me and addressing me as she could tell Jeanie was struggling with her Spanish so she assumed I was Panamanian and I would be able to assist. I love that i fit in with the locals and can move about without attracting any attention as a tourist.

I am amazed at how much Spanish vocabulary I know. I understand a lot of words and I can vaguely make out what someone is telling me if they speak slower. This is a major improvement from the very first time I visited a Spanish speaking country, I could not even order food in a restaurant let alone carry out very basic conversation. I am so proud of myself. I hope these two weeks of intensive Spanish classes will give me a chance to practice the conversation part more.

That's it folks, tomorrow morning I have class between 8:30 to 12:30 so it's gonna be a long day!

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