Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pollera Conga Festival

Today I attended the Pollera Conga Festival in Portobelo, the festival celebrates the culture of Afro Panamanians. It was amazing with all the colors, drums, music and people of course..........I will not even try to describe it; instead, I will let some of the pictures I took do the work. Enjoy!

Waiting for the water parade to start.

The little girl below was too cute in her beautiful clothes and was dancing the traditional Conga dance as spectators cheered her on.

The women wore bright clothes as you see below and the men wore clown like costumes and had their faces painted black.

Dancers at the festival assembling for a group shot.

The boat procession was about to start with dancers about to get on the boats.

The street parade followed the boat parade.

This is the stage where the dancers ended up after the street procession for the grand finale.

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