Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goodbye Panama

It's time to move on to my next destination, Colombia. These two weeks seem to have gone by so fast I can not believe it. It feels like I have been in Panama for such a long time but that could be because I have been busy with different activities and have developed a routine that has given my days some structure.

Today was my last day in class and I felt a little sad because I will miss some of the teachers that I had bonded with and I will miss seeing the friendly familiar faces at school. One thing I will not miss though is having 4 hours of Spanish every morning, that was brutal! never again.

I will miss this pretty path that was really cool to walk along. It's a long pathway and in the evening there would be lot's of people walking, running or biking along it, it was very lively.

I will miss the park near where I live. In the evening and at night the park would come alive with a flurry of activities. It felt good to walk through it in the evening without the brutal heat from the sun. During the day the park was never as busy.

Part of the Panama Canal. It was interesting learning the history of the canal and seeing this great feat of human engineering. I know the picture doesn't look impressive, it only captures a small part of the canal.

I will miss the colorful artifact markets that were always so bright and vibrant. I loved some of the work by the indigenous Panamanians.

Interesting how one minute you can be at a site of historic ruins that date back hundreds of years then the next be in a concrete jungle full of skyscrapers.

I will miss coming to my room every Mon, Wed and Fri after class to find it cleaned up and neat thanks to the cleaning lady at the guest house.

This bread is to die for! I love it. It's wheat bread with raisins and has a sweet taste, this was my breakfast everyday and sometimes also my evening snack. I got hooked to it.

I have said my goodbyes and taken a final walk around my neighborhood. I am now packing in preparation for my trip tomorrow although right now as I write this I am actually taking a break, seriously I hate packing but I am listening to some good Bachata to calm my nerves.

Speaking of Bachata, I will miss my Dominican buddies. Every evening I would pass by their work place and hang out. Thanks to them I got to check out places I never would have known off, I got to really appreciate Bachata and sample some Dominican food (they invited me for lunch at their aunt's place this past weekend).

This song will always remind me of them and Panama.........good memories.

That's it folks! time for another adventure in a different place.........follow me:)

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I have come to realize that I hate goodbyes. The thought of possibly never seeing something or someone familiar is a bit depressing.

I better have lost some weight with all the running around I have been doing plus the healthy diet I have been observing for the most part. Actually yesterday I tried on one of my favorite pants and it fit very well, better than before when I had to squeeze into it. Yay!

I love the abundance of fresh fruits in this city. Everyday I make sure to eat fruits and I have so far settled on mangoes and papayas for additional fibre.

For the most part people here appear to be friendly but the language barrier kind of puts a damper on things. In a few months I hope I will be able to look back at the language barrier now and laugh.

I love people watching here especially observing men's reaction to a beautiful woman passing by. Some almost break their necks in the process of checking out the woman and they don't even hide it. I am talking a 180 degree turn in a bid to get a second glance at the woman.

It's funny how some men express their admiration on the streets. You can pass by a group of men or have a guy pass you on the street and say: Aii! amor, corazon, linda, hermosa. I just smile and move on, it does sound kind of cute though don't you think?


  1. Your are so right! Panama has lots that we will miss...
    jeanne sharp