Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In The Spirit of Tradition

In a month's time I will be celebrating my birthday and in keeping with my own personal tradition, I will be celebrating it in a different country that I have never set foot in.

When I turned 30 instead of having a freak out moment thinking of how old I was getting, I decided to celebrate my birthday in a big way. I wanted to do something that I would always remember fondly so I went ahead and bought a ticket to Portugal because for the longest time I had always wanted to visit Portugal.

I was supposed to travel with one of my good friends but she could not make it so I ended up going solo. It was my first solo trip and I had an amazing experience! the confidence I gained by traveling alone to a foreign country where I knew no one, was priceless. I decided to make this an annual fun tradition.

If I was getting older I was going to do it in style and have fun while at it. This was the beginning of amazing experiences and adventures.

March 2010 - 30th birthday in Portugal

March 2011 - 31st birthday in Israel

 March 2012 - 32nd birthday in Peru

  March 2013 - 33rd birthday in Colombia

In the spirit of keeping up with my fun tradition, this year I will be celebrating my birthday at a place that I have never been to before. My 34th birthday will be celebrated in..................................Panama! that being said, I will officially start my big adventure in Panama as opposed to Colombia as originally planned.

I will fly out to Panama on March 7th, spend two weeks there then fly to Colombia. I hope my 34th birthday will be fabulous and full of amazing adventures as my previous birthdays. Thanks to this tradition I always look forward to my birthdays.


  1. Hi J! So for the past few weeks (since I came across your blog), I've been slowly reading your adventures in reverse (without commenting though haha)...
    But I am so happy that you have a tradition of celebrating your birthday in different countries! About a month or so ago I made a similar vow and decided to fly to Egypt to celebrate my upcoming 25th birthday! :-) I'm so excited for this trip, and I hope I too can keep this tradition going for the years to come.
    You have an awesome blog, I love reading about your travels. Wishing you lots of happiness with your Dominican and throughout this new year!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes and checking out my blog, I am glad that you enjoy reading it. I always find it so flattering when someone mentions that:) Good for you on deciding to celebrate your birthday in Egypt, I hope you have plenty of fun and enjoy yourself on your trip.

  2. Wow that's so awesome! I do the same thing for my birthday every year too but I haven't made it overseas yet! Your birthday is in March, what day in March? My birthday is March 21st. You sound a lot like an adventurous Aries!

    1. Good for you Nanee, gotta treat yourself on your special day right? my birthday is on March 17th, pisces:)