Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Standing!!!!

You didn't think I was going to pack up and go home after my last ordeal did you? I am still standing, as I always say you can't keep a strong person down, not for long anyway. I am back, same old J is back or should I say same young J? anyway, I am back to keep you posted on my travels and adventures along the way. I did end up packing my bags however and "escaped" from Guayaquil, yes I say escape not leave because that's how dramatic I felt my exit was.

My initial plan had been to stay in Guayaquil for the weekend then head to Montañita, a small coastal town here in Ecuador. Previously I had shown you some of the natural gems in this country, from the jungle, forest, volcanic mountains, cascades to lakes and rivers. I figured the last gem left was the beach so my plan had been to experience the beach here but unfortunately even the best laid plans sometimes just don't work out. Bummer! but such is life, right? sometimes you have to look at the silver lining in every cloud though.

After the robbery on Saturday the host family I was staying with felt so bad and when they learned I had lost my camera and pictures, they wanted to accompany me to all the places I had visited so they could help me take other photos. I really did not want any memories of the places I had visited because they would only remind me of what followed next so I politely declined. They offered to take me to the beach the following day for a chill out Sunday and I figured why not, it sounded like a better alternative.

On Sunday we spent the whole day at the beach and my host family was so sweet, they even made sure to take some pictures so I would at least have memories from the day since I didn't have my camera.

Would you look at that sun reflection on my forehead, can you say major sunburn??!!!

On Sunday night I decided to change my plans and take the overnight bus to Quito. I really didn't feel like traveling elsewhere alone plus my family in Quito was urging me to come back so I decided to cancel my trip to Montañita because I had experienced the beach setting anyway and to be honest, I am really not a beach person.

I arrived in Quito on Monday morning to a very warm welcome from the best family I could have ever asked for in this city. Everyone was waiting for me and I was greeted with a group hug plus treated to the best surprise ever! they had written these cute notes with lovely messages and posted them all over my room. To say I was touched doesn't begin to describe how I felt, I truly have a family here and at the end of the day that's the most important thing.

So everyday I have to eat papaya which greatly helps with my digestion, my host mum here knows this so she decided to buy me a papaya. Funny thing is on my way to the house I was thinking of doing some shopping and buying papayas but she beat me to it. She is the best I tell you.

Love these flowers and they smell so good! best of all was the message attached to the flowers.

That's it folks, my silver lining was the realization that I have met truly amazing people in this country, people who have been there for me when I needed it the most. Incidences like the two unfortunate robberies just highlight how lucky I am to have certain people in my life. Right now I am so happy, I feel positive and I refuse to let anything or anyone take my joy. Continue following me as I go places far and wide.............

Random Thoughts of The Day:

My lips are so chapped right now, my chapstick and my favorite lip gloss were in the bag that was stolen so I had to walk around with chapped lips until I got to Quito. I had no time to buy any in Guayaquil. Dang! those robbers got me walking around with ashy lips, not cute!

The unprofessional behavior I witnessed from some of the police in Guayaquil was just insane. The cop who drove me home started asking if I have a boyfriend, any children and if I like to go out dancing. Really? meanwhile I was busy bawling my eyes out. I swear lord forbid I ever have to need the services of such cops again.

I got really sunburned at the beach yesterday, my forehead is actually sore right now and my feet are still swollen from the heat I experienced. I am definitely not a beach type of person.

I have decided when traveling here I will be wearing a ring at all times on my ring finger and I will be saying I am married and have children. Maybe I should even say I am 3 months pregnant to make myself extra unavailable, I just want to deflect all attention away from me.

I was having an interesting conversation with my Spanish teacher about machismo in Latin American countries and he was saying that most times women actually perpetuate this mentality because when they have children they favor the sons so much and they do everything for their sons making them little "kings" in the house so when these kids grow up they expect women to do everything for them. Interesting.......


  1. Awww your new found fam is so sweet. . Those blasted cops and robbers! Blast them all :-)

  2. They are the best! I really got lucky:)