Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Now how many of you thought I was never leaving Cali based on my last few posts? I don't blame you because from the way I was carrying on even I thought I wasn't going to be leaving Cali! well, I am here to report that I did finally leave Cali for Popayan, on my way to the border of Colombia and Ecuador. Popayan is a smaller city that's 3 hours away by bus from Cali and it is well known for it's colonial architecture and distinct white buildings around the city centre. I really did not want to take the very long bus ride from Cali toward the border in order to cross into Ecuador so I decided to stop over in Popayan for a couple of days to break my trip and enjoy what the city has to offer.

The first day I arrived in Popayan I walked around familiarizing myself with my surroundings and getting my bearings of where everything of interest was from where I was staying. I arrived here during a public holiday so everything was quiet and most shops were closed. The streets were very quite and peaceful and I didn't mind it at all because I was in a pensive mood and just wanted some tranquility. I actually managed to do a lot of walking using the map I had been given at my hostel as reference. The weather was way cooler than Cali and it kept drizzling on and off but I did it not mind it one bit, I was just glad to be away from the heat in Cali plus the cool weather made it comfortable to walk around.

On my second day in Popayan I noticed a complete transformation of the streets, there were more people and a lot more activities. Walking along the narrow streets felt really romantic and I kept thinking how cool the city would be for a couple's weekend getaway. It's a very different kind of vibe from the hectic streets of downtown Cali. I was glad that I was not alone.

Yes, you read that right. I was not alone because my really sweet crush took an early morning bus from Cali so he could get to Popayan early enough to spend the whole day with me. Did I mention getting here requires a 3 hour bus ride? Le sigh! what can I say? it was a very good day filled with many unforgettable moments. The weather was rainy and dreary but that didn't put a damper to our day, with the company I had nothing else really mattered...............

Got to enjoy some amazing views from this hill.

The dude............

That's it folks! it was a very good day indeed and I can not complain at all. Final goodbyes were said and no promises other than keeping in touch were made, maybe our paths will or will not cross again who knows but I will have fond memories for sure. Goodbye Colombia! many lessons were learned during my stay here and now it's time to move on to the next adventure...........wish me luck!

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Living in Cali and now visiting Popayan, I have noticed a lot of teenage boys openly smoking marijuana on the streets.

I am so not looking forward to my 8 hour bus ride tomorrow morning and for that reason I am intentionally not sleeping too much tonight so that by the time I take the bus tomorrow morning, I can just black out and sleep in the bus for a good chunk of the ride.

Motion sickness is no joke! there are some crazy winding roads in Colombia that can make for a horrible trip if you don't take something for motion sickness. I have my meds ready for tomorrow because I am not taking any chances, experience taught me a horrible lesson!

For the first time in months I got to shower in warm water, at this point in my travels warm water is a luxury let alone hot water. My hostel in Popayan has warm water and the first time I got in the shower I just stood under the water enjoying the warmth. One thing I can say for sure is that Panama and Colombia really got me accustomed to cold showers.

One week later and I am still scratching from some mosquito bites that I got when I made the mistake of wearing a dress at night and going out last week.........right now I have some serious bites on my thighs and legs, they are itchy like crazy plus they appear swollen and red.

Speaking of bugs, I used to spot some giant cockroaches on some of the streets of Cali. These suckers were massive I was even scared of them! one time I saw one coming toward the entrance of the apartment I used to live at and when I stamped my foot on the ground hoping to scare it away, the sucker was not bothered at all as it kept advancing like it was challenging me. It freaked me out! I think the reason for the presence of roaches on the streets is the fact that during trash pick up times people leave their bags of trash on the streets for pick up and this gives easy access to roaches and whatever else that's out there.


  1. Enjoy J! Your biggest fan here

    1. Aaaw! thanks a lot for following my blog. I really appreciate it:)

  2. Hmmh now im travelling the world through your eyes :) love it been reading the blog the whole morning very intriguing. Shaz

  3. Shaz!!! I am glad that you got to check out my blog and enjoyed it:) Thanks for stopping by and do come back again, and again, and again.........lol