Saturday, May 31, 2014

Matters of The Heart

After my date with my crush we said our goodbyes without any promises or expectations, sometimes you have to be realistic and move on. Yesterday when I was hanging out with Angelica I couldn't stop thinking about him and Angelica was asking me if I thought he would try to contact me before I left. I did not have an answer to that but figured maybe it was for the best that we got done with our brief goodbyes. After all, I was leaving Cali in a day's time heading to another city called Popayan before heading to the border of Colombia and Ecuador to cross over.

I got home late on Friday night and since my phone had completely died on me, I immediately hooked it up to a charger and turned it on eager to see if I had any missed calls or messages. Turns out I actually did, I had several missed calls and messages from him. He had been trying to reach me because he wanted to see me before I left. He had even driven to my apartment hoping to get a hold of me since he wasn't having any luck on the phone, he lives almost an hour away. I could not believe it. His last message wished me a safe journey and expressed regret at not having seen me one last time. It had been sent half an hour prior.

I immediately called him and sent him a message but got no response. It was already midnight and I felt like time had already run out, I was going to be leaving Cali in a few hours time. I left my phone charging in my room and went to take a shower, when I got back I had three missed calls from him and a message. Talk about wrong timing! I called him back twice but got no response. I sent him a message to tell him what I had wanted to say to him over the phone...............

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