Sunday, May 11, 2014

What Would You Do If You Had No Fear

When I came across this article I had to smile because a couple of years ago if someone had asked me this question, my answer would have been "quit my job and travel." I smiled because I did exactly that after I overcame some of the fears that prevented me from chasing my dream. At times I still don't believe that I actually quit my job and set out to travel through South America, what surprises me most of all is that I am not afraid.

My actions were by no means spontaneous at all, it took a whole year of planning and saving aggressively to make this happen. Once I had made up my mind to go ahead with my plan, I was on a roll and I knew nothing or no one could stop me because my mind was made up and I knew this was the right time to do it. Actually when I think of it, this is the best time for me to have made such a move.

I am happy with my decision but that doesn't mean I don't go through moments when I doubt myself. When I talk to my friends and hear about: weddings, births, promotions at work or who just bought their first house, I feel like I am missing out on a lot. When I travel to a location where I know no one I do feel lonely sometimes, when I am having a bad day I do question my decision. I remember one particular day when everything that could go wrong went wrong and I sent a good friend of mine a simple message to express my frustration, "why I'm I doing this?" her response couldn't have been better, "write down what made you want to do this in the first place."

I remembered the days I would sit in my cubicle at work fantasizing about doing what I am doing right now and that was enough to cheer me up. Someone once asked me what I was running away from by giving up everything to travel and I remember telling them I wasn't running away from anything or anyone, I was running towards something - my dream.

That's it folks, just having a reflective moment and thinking of what brought me here in the first place. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The best part of it all is that right now if you asked me what I would do if I wasn't afraid, my answer would be "I don't know because I am already doing what I would do without fear. What about you?"

Random Thoughts of The Day:

When I tell Colombians that I am Kenyan, many of them get really fascinated, more so the afro Colombians who show me so much love. They genuinely are interested in learning about the country and the people. I take great pleasure in being an ambassador for my birth country.

It sucks big time when you buy a package of seemingly really cute and comfortable underwear, only to get home and find out that you just bought a bunch of granny panties that had been tightly folded to appear smaller and cute.

I had a proud moment when I acted as a translator for this Australian girl that Fernanda and I met at a salsa club. Fernanda is always telling me that my Spanish has improved a great deal so it's good to actually see how much I have progressed.

Mosquitos here have been having a blood filled buffet on my legs, I wake up with this itchy bumps on my legs that drive me crazy. I don't understand why they target my legs only but I guess it could be worse right? at least it's not my face, the pimples already took over that area.

So the word molesta in Spanish means to disturb/bother/bug someone. In English of course the word molest has a very different meaning so when one day Fernanda told me that someone was molesting her, I was so shocked until the misunderstanding was cleared. This was when my Spanish wasn't as good as it is now. A lot can get lost in translation I tell yah!

The letter Y in Spanish sounds like the letter J in English when pronounced. When Gabriella, Fernanda's daughter once asked me if I liked BEE-JO-NCY it took me a minute before I realized she meant Beyonce.

Mother's day here is huge! people go all out for the mothers which I find really sweet. 

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