Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For The Salsa Lovers

Okay by now it's not an unknown fact that my favorite genre of music is salsa and because of that, I found myself at the movies checking out the movie Ciudad Delirio. The movie is based in Cali and has a really good sound track that's heavy on salsa, my motivating factor to watch it. From the trailer on TV it seemed like a fun movie so I was really eager to check it out.

The story line was predictable but the music and dance was fabulous! I mean, if you are moving in your seat to the beats of the music and feel like getting up to dance, that kind of says something about the sound track right? at the end of the movie some people actually danced out of the theatre. I am not exaggerating...........okay, maybe not full on dancing but slightly swaying to the beats of the songs. I may have been one of the body swayers. When you hear songs like these how can you resist moving? 

Oiga Mire Vea - Originally sang by Orchestra Guayacan and it's one of my all time favorites. When I was still planning my move to Cali I would listen to this song to hype me up. I always feel happy whenever this song plays and I can't resist the urge to dance. PS: This version is sang by Anddy Caicedo, really cute dude! "Hey! Anddy, if you come across this blog......holla!" (a girl can only wish right?)

Ah Ah Oh No - Originally sang by Willie Colon. I love how upbeat it is and I used to listen to this song all the time while at my former job fantasizing about my move to Colombia. This version was sang by Jair Romero in the movie El Joe La Leyenda depicting the life of the late Joe Arroyo, Colombia's salsa legend. PS: I think Jair is also another papasito (cute guy). 

Here is the movie trailer..........for anyone curious.

That's it folks, there were many other good songs in the movie beside what I put up and I enjoyed all of them. The story line may have been predictable but I think it touched on some of the social issues I have observed here. Granted, those issues were airbrushed in the movie but the purpose of the movie was to entertain so I get it. On that note, tomorrow I am signing up at a dance academy in my barrio (neighborhood).

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Movies really know how to romanticize regular life. In one of the scenes from the movie, one of the main actors is walking in a regular neighborhood in Cali and appears mesmerized by the women he sees. The scene has all these cute girls passing him by in slow motion with picture perfect smiles, you would think it was an informercial. In real life let's just say it ain't so. I don't mean that you will not see attractive women on the streets but I doubt it would be as dramatic as portrayed in the movie.

I hope to be a really fabulous dancer during my stay here in Cali. I want to take advantage of the cheap dance academies and the incredible salsa scene.

A lot of kids here start dancing really young, they are taught in school so it's not uncommon to see a little kid with impressive dance skills. I think it's so cute!

Greetings here can be long sometimes. At first I used to get confused because I am like, "okay I just responded to your greeting why is it not ending? really I'm fine." So this is how it may go....Hola! buenas? como estas? que mas? Now I am used to this so I just go with the flow.

I used to hear the word "Quiubo" being used a lot by Fernanda when she would meet someone familiar on the street. The first time I heard it I thought it was someone's name, turns out it's also a greeting. It's not formal and it's like saying "what's up"

Soda here is called gaseosa and when you buy water from the store they ask you if you want it sin gas (without gas) or con gas (with gas). I have no idea how water with gas is supposed to taste like.

Apparently Cali is experiencing winter right now. "How is the weather like?" you might ask, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees celsius). Yes my friends, that is winter in Cali! Ooh! it rains a lot too. I like the rain because it makes the air feel fresher. 

The lighting at the movie theatre lobby made me feel like I was going to the club. Check this out

Here is what the equivalent of $20 gets you at the movies. Tickets for 4 people, 3 large popcorns, 2 gelatos and 3 large sodas. Not bad.

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