Monday, May 19, 2014

Where To Stay In Cali

So you decide you want to visit Cali and stay for a while, let's say a month or longer. You are not really into hostels and staying in a hotel for that long would cost you more than you would like to spend. What other alternative would you consider? renting a room perhaps? in the end it is cheaper and you can have your own privacy if you wish plus you can get that "homely" feel that I am sure anyone can appreciate. Sounds great right?

In Cali I would definitely recommend renting a room in St Anthony neighborhood. This is a hip and cool neighborhood that's: pretty, quiet, scenic, has a cool artisan market and small boutiques where you can get cool stuff. It's also within walking distance to the chaotic downtown. I like chaotic downtowns so being within walking distance of downtown Cali would be ideal for me personally but If chaos is not your thing, the neighborhood is far enough from downtown to avoid all that. There are rooms to rent within the neighborhood for those who are planning to stay longer in Cali and rent can vary depending on the property and how much you are able to spend. I have a friend that lived in the neighborhood and was paying $250 per month for rent and her place was very pretty.

The neighborhood is very hilly so you can get a good work out just taking a stroll while enjoying the scenery of the city. Due to the hilly terrain you have good opportunity to get some amazing views of the city, I would recommend an evening stroll when the sun is not as hot.

PS: Remember the movie I wrote about Here? some of the scenes were actually shot in this neighborhood.

That's it folks, currently I live in a different neighborhood with a roommate but when I leave Cali to travel to other places and come back, I am definitely getting a room within the St Anthony neighborhood.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

These damn mosquitoes don't have boundaries, I have a huge mosquito bite on my butt cheek! it's not even funny and don't ask me how the sucker managed to get there in the first place.

My time in Cali is fast coming to an end as I prepare to travel elsewhere. I am so ready to leave and see what else is out there.

Last night I went out dancing with a new friend I met at the Language exchange event I had mentioned before. We were about to use a bypass bridge to cross a busy road when she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the street. She said she had noticed this guy watching us and as soon as we started climbing the stairs leading to the bridge, he started approaching from the back. She said she didn't get a good feeling so she suggested we wait until he had crossed the bridge. I had not noticed anything weird but her reaction made me realize that some of Fernanda's warnings about safety are not far fetched after all.

Some of the presenters I have seen on TV wear revealing clothes that are better suited for clubbing.

I have noticed quite a number of men in Cali have nicely manicured finger nails. I was talking to this lady who does nails and she said she has a lot of male clients that get their nails done.

I will never ever pay for services in advance unless I am 100% sure that the services are worth it. Remember the dance classes I was so excited to take? well, let's just say the sweet dance teacher I was raving about has a problem with being professional. I have been trying to reach the guy for a refund. He has a very cute son by the way..................yeah I know that's the last thing I should be  thinking of.

Speaking of dance classes, I think Tango is just a boring dance to learn. I would rather watch professionals perform the dance than learn it myself. Yes I said it!

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