Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Travel Essentials

There are certain items I consider essentials while traveling and while I can not list everything that I carry with me on here, I will go ahead and highlight a few that I like to have on me at all times.

Handbag - I always carry smaller handbags like the green one pictured above because of the compact size that makes it very convenient to carry around. It's amazing the amount of stuff that goes into that bag.

Umbrella - Got this umbrella at Target a couple of years ago and I can't begin to tell you how convenient it has been for me, just take a look at it. It's tiny, can fit in my bag without any size issues and it serves it's purpose well when needed. Cali is super hot so I use it to shelter from the sun and before anyone calls me high maintenance, a lot of people in this city carry around umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. When in Rome do as the Romans do right?

Chapstick - I don't really need to explain this do I? chapped lips never look cute on anyone so this baby right here keeps my lips well moisturized when needed.

Notebook & Pen - The day I loose this notebook I will cry..........okay maybe that sounds too dramatic but I know for sure it will be a loss to be felt. This notebook has a lot of information that include: addresses, important contact information, itineraries..........yes, I usually write down things I want to do while visiting a certain place. It also has a lot of random stuff that I write down for future reference. I am old school so I like to write down stuff the old fashion way.

Sunglasses - For those sunny and bright days.

Camera - While traveling you never know when you will come across something amazing that warrants a picture so I keep this with me when heading out, gotta be prepared at all times.

Phone - When has a cell phone never come in handy? with a current Colombian sim card I have a local number so I can make calls when needed, I have Whatsapp installed so I am constantly in touch with my people, I also have videos and pictures that I have taken when using a camera wasn't as convenient. It also serves as my alarm when needed.

Copy of Passport - There is no way I am carrying my passport around with me, I leave it in a safe place and instead carry a copy of a page out of my passport that has all my identification details on there.

Cash - I don't like carrying my cash card around or huge amounts of money for safety reasons so instead I carry a small amount of cash with me. I make sure it's enough for any unexpected emergency or random purchase.

Watch - I like to keep time plus I think it also serves as a cute accessory.

Compact Mirror - For those moments when you need to check and make sure that you don't have anything stuck to your teeth after a meal. Hey, stuff happens.

Scarf - You see that material that has butterflies on it? that's one of the light scarfs I like to have with me just in case I need to cover up. In Cali I haven't had to use it because of the heat but in Medellin it came in handy.

In addition to the above items, I have a few others that I like to have in my luggage.

My Laptop - I call this my baby because I am so in love with this laptop. I use it for a lot of things and it suits me well for everything that I need to do online.

Nook - Ya'll thought that was a real book right? that's my nook and it has enough books stored in it to ensure any long road trips are not boring. I got the cover to not only protect the device but to conceal it as well.........hey, you just never know. The quote on it reads, "Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale." It's from Hans Christian Andersen, love it.

Hat - I like protecting myself from the sun so what better way to do this than use a hat right? it conveniently folds for easy storage and doesn't take a lot of space.

That's it folks, just thought I would share some of my travel essentials.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Some of the men in this city are unbelievable and not in a good way. You can meet a seemingly nice guy who shows an interest in you only to find out they are married with kids at home. This will usually come up in the conversation unexpectedly and the guy will not even feel shame for hitting on you while they have a family at home. I am usually left with a WTF expression on my face, the nerve of some men.

How hungry do dogs have to be to eat grass? I have never seen a dog eat grass until I encountered the many stray dogs in this city.

I am back to taking salsa classes with Luis, long story................anyway, this dude is just hilarious when he tells you about his life. he is a single dad living with 4 of his 10 kids. He used to travel a lot when he was young because of salsa dancing and as a result he has a kid in Venezuela, Russia and the US in addition to the ones he has in Colombia. He says aside from his kids he has two passions, salsa and women. He showed me pictures of some of his current female "friends" (he has several) these women are gorgeous! he chuckles whenever he talks about his female "friends" declaring, "I am not married and I had a vasectomy so I am free!" hmmm? no you are not buddy, there are still diseases that you have to worry about.

I call this the "Mandigo concept" the stereotype that all black men are well endowed. I can not count the number of times In Cali that I have heard that word mandingo being thrown around to indicate the private parts of black men. One time we were leaving dance class when Luis spotted one of his female students with a black guy. For the rest of the walk home he would tease the girl saying that she must be happy because she has a mandingo then he would make a gesture with his arm to indicate what he meant. Conversations here are very unfiltered so I hardly get shocked anymore.

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