Thursday, June 26, 2014

Salsa In Quito

Whoop! whoop! I finally figured out how to post a video in this blog so you can finally get to see me salsa dancing. I am always looking to improve my dancing skills so I decided to try out this salsa dance school that I had been passing by everyday, on my way to and from my Spanish classes.

The guy who ended up teaching me is Cuban so he was showing me the moves involved in Cuban style of salsa dancing. Too many turns and hand movements, por dios! at times I would get confused but the dude was really patient and would take time to show me the moves. Check out the video, how do you think I performed?

After an hour's worth of dance class I was ready to be done! don't get me wrong, I enjoyed everything immensely but I was tired! it was a good work out though.

This was after class and that "glow" you see on my skin is actually the sweat of my hard work, just keeping it real folks.

I had talked to some of the dance teachers who work at the school to get some inside scoop on good places to go for salsa and they had recommended a club that plays strictly salsa every Wednesday night. I decided to check it out and all I can say is, "I think I may have found my salsa spot for Wednesday nights."

The club is called La Muy Muy and it's near Plaza Foch in the Mariscal district, a vibrant area with lot's of clubs, restaurants and bars. The sign for the club is really tiny so it took a while to find it but it was well worth it, the place has good space for dancing and it didn't feel awkward being by myself because I ended up dancing with several people and had the time of my life.

I did meet this one cute guy but by the end of the night he ended up being a bit creepy and annoying so I had to avoid him. There was another really sweet girl who asked me to dance and she could lead very well and had some strong arms! every time she would prompt me to make a turn I would think to myself, "dang Hercules! can you please turn it down a notch or two!"All in all I really had a good night.

This is the happy look I get when listening to some good salsa music....

That's it folks, what can I say? me encanta salsa!

Random Thoughts of The Day:

You can not even begin to imagine how mad I am right now, I had another dance video which was way better than the one I just posted but I accidentally deleted it. I felt like dramatically dropping down on my knees and screaming, "WHY??? Aaargh!" yeah really!

Right now the best compliment anyone can give me is saying I dance salsa well and I speak decent Spanish, not perfect but good enough for now. I will get there someday, darn it! I will get there.

I think some people take things too seriously, just because I ask you to dance doesn't mean I am interested in you or I have any ulterior motives. I simply just want to dance.

I have noticed something interesting here, when you go to a restaurant it's common for a total stranger to tell you buen provecho (bon appetit) when passing by your table. First time I experienced this I was taken aback and I thought, "Ummmh! do I know this person?" I responded but I thought it was weird until it happened again and again and again then I figured out it must be customary. I think it's actually sweet and I have started saying it to other people as well.

My hostess is one of the sweetest people I have ever come across. Her hospitality is beyond amazing and living in her house is such a good experience so far. I feel at home in this house and that is why I decided to stay longer in Quito. Every morning she prepares breakfast and lays it out on the table and it usually looks so cute! I always look forward to what's for breakfast because she prepares something different everyday. Check out what awaited me this morning. Ooh! did I mention everyday she also prepares fresh fruit juice with different varieties of fruits? Honestly I lucked out when I found this place, it's the best place.

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