Monday, March 14, 2016

It's That Time of The Year Again

My birthday is in 3 days time and in keeping with this tradition, I am heading off to a place I have never been before as a birthday treat to myself. Way to make getting older exciting, right? When I was deciding on where I would like to spend my birthday I had a few countries in mind and it was hard picking which one to visit. It would have been great to visit all of them but you know, I have this thing called a job so taking off for an extended period of time is not an option at this point.

My top choices were: Guatemala, Mexico and Bolivia (I still regret not visiting when I was in Peru but one day I will make it there). I weighed the pros and cons of each location but the main factor that was working against me was time. So what do you do when you have limited time on your hands yet each country you want to visit has so much to offer? okay, I'm I the only one who thinks right about now that my dilemma just sounded so silly? heck! I should have been just happy that I have the opportunity to visit at least one of the countries.  Anyway, yes! the decision has been made and I picked the country but you will not know which one it is until tomorrow when I travel.

I will give you some hints though: It's a Spanish speaking country, duh! not much of a hint there. It has so much history and you can still see the evidence of the great works of its past civilization....okay, enough with the lame hints you will know my choice tomorrow.

It's midnight and I am busy doing last minute packing and stressing myself out. Seriously the worst part about traveling for me is the packing, I think I have checked my passport 20 times just to ensure it's in my bag and I will not forget it..........checking it again right now. I have 5 hours till I have to wake up to go to work in the morning as I travel in the evening and I know it's going to be a super crazy busy day so that combined with little sleep will just be torture. I took a little break to update this blog but now I have to finish what I need to do and get some sleep so I bid adios, until tomorrow.

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