Sunday, March 6, 2016

Do Overs & Such

Hola!!!! guess who is back? or better yet guess where I am currently? it's a long story but in short.......I am back in Quito, Ecuador! who would have thought?! when I left Ecuador almost a year a ago I said I was never coming back yet here I am. I think the theme of my life at this point should be "never say never."

I am actually enjoying myself over here and the best part of it all is I get to share my do over with my husband. So what have I been up to over here? catching up with a few friends I had maintained contact with, eating plenty of fruits that I would otherwise not find in the US, enjoying the salsa clubs, sightseeing and basically taking it easy.  I have been so lazy about updating the blog but I will try to do better, I haven't been taking as many pictures because most of the time I keep forgetting but here are a few that I have taken so far.

Catching up with my friend Elena and hitting the salsa clubs was so much fun.

These two can dance! my friend Elena and one of my husband's times!

My host family from when I first landed in Ecuador, we go way back and have kept in touch through out.

Every sunday there is Ciclovia whereby the main streets in parts of the city are closed off to traffic and only available to pedestrians. You can walk or bike for great distances without worrying about any traffic. This is one of the things I had missed about being here.

That's it folks, I will post more updates later so be on the look out and I promise to do my updates more justice.

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