Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - My Year In Review

Hola!!! how have you lovely people been.......wait, I guess I should first ask if there is anyone out there to begin with seeing that I have been MIA for a while now. What can I say? having a full time job has kept me busy and my focus has been on other things so my travels have been significantly limited, this in turn has affected how much I post on here. Looking back at 2015 I realize that a lot of good things have happened in my life and for once I feel like all aspects of my life are in perfect sync. Without further ado let me quickly go over the main highlights of 2015:


Even though I didn't travel as much as I would have wanted, I still got to check out several places so that wasn't so bad.

Galapagos - In March there was my trip to the Galapagos which was pretty good although the heat was out of this world. It was my birthday treat to myself and it was all worth it so no complaints on this end.

Colorado - In the US I got to visit Colorado which was one of the places I had considered moving to. Although my trip was short and I felt like I barely scratched the surface, I still had a good time. My plan in the near future is to do more travel within the US because there is so much to see.

 The olympic museum

Came across a quinceaƱera ceremony and I spotted the girls below rushing to the party, they had such cute dresses especially the main girl who was being celebrated.

Dominican Republic - This was a memorable trip and the most non-touristic, this trip was all about meeting my in laws and getting to know each other. We bonded really well and I got to fall in love with my husband all over again seeing him around his family and friends and how he interacts with them. I didn't mind that we never got to check out the main attractions of the island because this isn't the last trip for us to the island so we will have plenty of time to explore more of it in the near future.

Career Wise 

Before moving back to the US my wish was to get a job within corporate America and I kept thinking to myself, "I want the benefits and all the perks that come with working in corporate America and please let me not get another accounting job." My wish did come true and I am truly grateful for the job I have. I also can't say enough good things about my manager, having had prior horrible experiences I truly appreciate my current manager. Actually when I came back from the Dominican Republic she organized a small party at the office celebrating my newly married status, I thought it was really sweet of her. A couple of co-workers even chipped in and got me a gift which I thought was really nice of them.

Love Life

In 2015 I got engaged and married to an amazing guy and I am really happy. He truly is a genuinely nice guy and one of the things I love about him is that he is a better person than I am which motivates me to be the best version of myself (does it make sense? Ooh! and I hope ya'll don't think I am this horrible person, I just think my husband is nicer than I am). I always tell folks that if we were not together romantically I would definitely still want him in my life as a friend and I know he would make a great friend. There is so much more I could say about my husband but then again I would end up going on and I will keep it short. He is a good man, he makes me happy and through bad times and good times it's him that I would want by my side.

I could stare at this face all day long, he really is beautiful both inside and out.

That's it folks, 2015 had its ups and downs but the ups outweighed the downs and for that I am truly grateful. It's funny how life works out sometimes, just looking at my life this past year I can't help but marvel at how a lot of things came together for me. I can only hope for even better things in 2016.......wishing anyone who is reading this a very Happy New Year.

PS: I have a couple of trips already planned for 2016 so watch this space.


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