Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Till We Meet Again

Well, what can I say? my big South America adventure has come to an end and it's time to pack my bags and move on. It's been quite an unforgettable adventure and I am happy I got to experience it. There is a lot I will miss but I will be back again to make more memories and experience new adventures.

I will miss.....

Speaking Spanish all the time - I really do love the language and I will miss hearing it everywhere I go. I suppose all is not lost because I will still continue speaking Spanish a lot given that my fiancé is a Spanish speaker and that's the language we use to communicate.

The People - I have really met incredible people during my stay in South America and that has been one of the main highlights of my travels. If I wrote about all of them I will end up going on and on so I will keep it short by saying, I really appreciate those I met that left a very positive impression on me.

My Barrio - I really like the neighborhood we live in, it's very chill, safe and family oriented. I will miss the hilly main road that always makes me feel like I am getting in a good work out whenever I am walking around the neighborhood running errands. I will miss the noise of kids who get off school at noon for their lunch break making the neighborhood look and sound so vibrant with all their chatter.

The Fruits - The abundance of fruits here will make any fruit lover like me very happy because there are so many different kinds of fruits which I have had the pleasure of sampling. We don't even buy fruit juice because we always make our own juice from some of the fruits available and I have become quite the fruit shake maker always experimenting with different fruits to get different flavors.

My Favorite Dog - One of our neighbors has this really sweet, friendly and very chill dog. The dog likes greeting everyone and when you leave your door open when he's been let out to play, he will walk in and calmly sit next to you or just lay down on the floor waiting to be petted. Speaking of the dog, I have a weird story for you guys. One night when we were fast asleep the TV which is located in our bedroom suddenly turned on by itself. The remote was nowhere near the bed so its not like one of us accidentally lay on it and turned on the TV. To say I was freaked out is an understatement, my fiancé on the other hand was not even fazed even when it happened a second time on a different day. I was convinced we had a ghost in the house and I was freaked out, he thought it was just an electrical glitch or something since he had previously opened the socket to fix something. I had this bright idea to test my ghost theory by having the friendly dog visit our house and if he got unusually scared then for sure it would mean there was a ghost in our apartment. The fiancé thought it was hilarious but he humored me, I was actually pretty serious about it. Haven't you heard about animals with their intuition? anyway, I carried out my plan and the dog never acted scared or anything. He was very comfortable hanging around our apartment as usual so I finally had to agree with my fiancé that it must have been an electrical glitch after all phew!

PS: When I was in Galapagos the TV turned on by itself one night, I was so scared I couldn't go back to sleep. Thankfully the next day I got a different room but I was still so paranoid that I never got a good night's sleep. What's up with that??!!

Salsa Classes - I had taken a break from salsa for a while before taking it up again after I got done with my Spanish classes. I ended up taking classes from Academia Salsa & Merengue (Directed by Silvia Garcia) the school is located on the corner of Mariscal Foch and Amazonas. I would highly recommend the school to anyone visiting Quito and is interested in dancing. My instructor Piedra was the best!

There is a lot more I will miss but I will stop here because there is packing to be done and a lot of other stuff.

That's it folks, I hope you have enjoyed following me on my journey because I have enjoyed writing this blog. There is only so long I can live off my savings so it's time to get a job and start seeing the figures on my bank account going up instead of down. I will take a break from writing on here as I focus on other things. This doesn't mean I will forget you because I will definitely be back so this is not goodbye but its more like, until we meet again.

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