Saturday, September 6, 2014

Up And About In Lima - Day 2

The weather in Lima sucks right now. It is very gloomy and today it was a bit wet because it had rained earlier on in the morning. Despite the "stay in bed all day" kind of weather, my friend and I still managed to get out and do some exploring, actually she was like my tour guide around the city so I was just following her lead.

The plan was to head to downtown Lima then check out the bohemian Barranco neighborhood. Down town Lima was busy and traffic was nuts but I am glad I got to check out some of the city's highlights. I was in Peru two years ago but I only spent a few hours in Lima so it was nice be better reacquainted with the city.

The presidential palace

As luck would have it we came across a colorful procession but unfortunately we never found out what the occasion was.

These really sweet kids approached us wanting to take pictures with us. They appeared to be part of a school field trip.

The congress building

At the main park in Barranco neighborhood

Yours truly acting goofy.

That's it folks, this is my last day in Lima before I head down to Cusco where I will be settling down for longer. Follow me as I start all over again in a new city.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I wish September and October would go by very fast. Never have I looked forward to November like I am now. Of course there is a reason behind this and depending on how things work out, you may find out why.

I hope the weather in Cusco is better than in Lima. Waking up to gloomy weather does put a dumper on the mood.

I am trying to familiarize myself with the Peruvian currency, I sure miss the convenience of using the dollar in Ecuador. When I say convenience I mean not having to deal with conversion issues. I am pretty sure I will get used to this though.

I like how I don't stand out in Lima. People here don't seem fazed by anyone and everyone minds their own business so I haven't noticed any stares being directed at me as compared to say Quito.

Lima is a pretty city, at least the parts I have seen so far. My initial plan was to actually live here but the rooms I was looking to rent were a bit out of my budget and Spanish schools were way more expensive than I had expected so that's why I chose to live in Cusco instead.

I am feeling really nervous about starting all over again in Cusco.

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