Sunday, March 22, 2020

Exploring Ueno & Ginza

Today I decided to go to Ueno, an area well known for having the first designated public park in Japan. The park is called Ueno Park and it's famous for it's cherry blossoms. The first time I visited this park the flowers hadn't bloomed yet but this time around, there was quite a spectacle! a lot of the buds had bloomed and the flowers looked so pretty. The park was full of people taking photos of the cherry blossoms and I took my time walking around enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather. 

After getting my Zen on at Ueno I headed to Ginza, a district well known for upmarket shopping. Today being Sunday, the main street was closed to traffic and allowed only pedestrians so it was nice getting all that street space to walk about freely. Tables and chairs had even been set in the middle of the street for people to sit on and relax. I wasn't at Ginza for any shopping but I enjoyed taking a lazy walk up and down the street checking out the window displays of some of the designer shops.

I decided to go back to Asakusa where I am based at and today being my last full day here, I wanted to do more last minute sightseeing and take on different adventures and that's how I ended up taking a rickshaw ride. In Asakusa one of the first things you will notice are the number of rickshaw rides, they are everywhere.

My ride took me through different parts of the city that I hadn't explored yet and It was interesting to learn the history of some of these areas. 

The ride was enjoyable although I felt it was a bit over priced but I wanted to treat myself so I figured why the hell not. My next stop was Sumida Park, a public park in Asakusa where more cherry blossoms can be seen.

That's it folks! from the park I ended up walking up and down the lively streets of Asakusa taking in the sights until my feet declared defeat. Right now I am super tired but impressed that I even managed to update this blog albeit half heartedly. This trip has been bitter sweet for so many reasons but I am so glad I was able to celebrate my 40th here, now I have to go back to reality which at the moment isn't looking too good. Any who, Japan is the coolest country I have visited so far and I couldn't have picked a better place to usher in my milestone birthday. 

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