Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Got A Visitor

One of my Colombian friends decided to visit me in Ecuador for a weekend..........I am loved y'all! jokes aside though, I was so touched that she would come all the way from Colombia by bus to spend the weekend with me so I wanted to make sure she would have a very good time and get a good taste of Quito before going back to Colombia.

Since her time in the city is very limited, I thought a hop on hop off tour bus of the city would be great because we would conveniently get to see the major highlights of the city. I had never taken the tour bus before in this city so it was an interesting experience for me as well and I got to appreciate Quito all over again, sometimes it takes a visitor to remind you of the beauty of your surroundings.

There were a lot of free concerts going on at several plazas around the city so it was pretty cool hopping off the tour bus to check out the various bands. Of course you know I lingered longer at the plaza that was playing salsa.

After the tour we went to a late lunch at the Dominican place I frequent and as luck would have it, we met this really cute Dominican guy who started chatting us and before we knew it we were making plans to go out dancing later on.

We did end up going out and it was great! the Dominican guy brought his friend so there was no third wheel situation. At first it wasn't clear who the guy liked but once his friend arrived he set him up next to my friend so the mystery was solved (thank you Jesus!). Everything worked out great because his friend got along well with mine so there was no awkward situation.

That's it folks, after a lot of dancing we called it a night and parted ways with the dudes, what can I say? it was a wonderful day that ended on a very good note.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Some of these Dominican men here are really attractive, dios mio!

Did I mention the Dominican asked me out on a date? he wants to meet up tomorrow, Le sigh! I am loving my life right now.

I am beginning to realize I am my own best travel companion. Does that make sense?

Planning for my next destination after Ecuador is such a pain and the thought of starting afresh has got me feeling a bit anxious.

It sucks when you meet really cool people just when you are about to move on to the next destination.

I hate goodbyes. I think I mentioned this before.

This weekend felt weird not taking one of my excursions out of the city but there is an exciting trip coming up, Can you guess where J is going to next?

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