Monday, May 21, 2018

Saying Goodbye To NYC

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end so that means our vacation is over and it's time to get back to reality. It was a good trip split between NY and NJ and there were several highlights that made this trip really awesome. One of the main highlights was meeting some of my husband's family, he does have a huge family spread out in the East Coast so this is one of the many trips we will be making to this part of the country.

I was received so warmly and we got along so well that by the end of the trip my husband's nieces were telling him, "Just go back home and leave J with us, she can live with us." That was the sweetest thing ever and hilarious at the same time! I tell you, I won some hearts during this trip....If I must say so myself.

Another highlight was the celebration of my husband's birthday (the main reason for this trip), his family ended up throwing him a surprise birthday party which was the best thing ever. This was a day after his actual birthday so he got to celebrate his birthday twice.

This was part of the aftermath of a night well spent, we had so much fun at the surprise birthday party.

There were plenty of other highlights but I want to keep this post short although I will touch on what I will miss. I will miss taking walks along the streets of Brooklyn and appreciating how different the houses are compared to where I live. I will also miss the numerous bodegas where you can buy fresh fruits among other things.

Believe it or not I will miss taking the subway especially after getting the hang of it and seeing how convenient it is. Plus it is an interesting place to people watch.......

All in all I will miss the vibe of just being in a different city, It's always so refreshing visiting some place new and experiencing a bit of life in the new environment. Anyway, that's it folks! I am tired and sleepy so I better end it here but do check back in because I have a few more trips coming up that are going to be exciting! See you then...........

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