Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New York City

My husband and I have been in the East Coast for the past 4 days and 3 of those days have been spent in New Jersey hanging out with his family and bonding. We arrived in NYC yesterday evening so today was our first full day in this city that never sleeps and it has been exciting!

Today we decided to hit some of the popular tourist spots starting in Brooklyn because that's where are staying. We started with the Brooklyn Bridge which is a suspension bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. This bridge was opened in 1883, 14 years after the initiation of it's construction and today its become an iconic feature of NYC's skyline. You can easily walk from one end to the other but it does get pretty crowded and there is a bike lane that you have to be mindful of. You don't want some angry biker shouting at you for hogging their lane......yes, I saw that happening several times and fortunately I was just an observer not the receiver of the tongue lashing, phew!

There were plenty of opportunities for good photos so of course I took advantage........

Someone decided to try some acrobatic stunts and concluded that the steel wires holding the bridge were impressively strong.............to my relief! who wants one of those breaking off, right?!

After crossing over to Manhattan we took another subway train ride to Times Square, a big commercial intersection in central Manhattan at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. The place was crowded as expected but since I love crowds I was not bothered at all, the only complaint I had was the weather which had by now become really hot.

After the excitement of Times Square we headed to Central Park; an urban park in Manhattan, to take it easy and rest our tired feet. The place was bustling with activities that I even forgot that it's Tuesday, a regular working day. I can only imagine how much busier it gets over the weekend! I loved it!

That's it folks, it was a super long day for us and we got back to Brooklyn very tired but content by all the activities we had indulged in today. Tomorrow is another full day and it so happens to be my husband's birthday so of course it's going to be a special day. I will keep you posted so watch out for the next update.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

I love how much I get to speak Spanish here (NJ & NY) because you know this is where there are lots of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans etc. The diversity here is amazing and no one really stands out because it's truly a melting pot.

Speaking of diversity, my husband has gotten tired of excitedly saying, "those are Dominicans" whenever someone passes us speaking Spanish just because Dominicans are a dime a dozen here, I must say it's good to see him feel so at home because where we live there aren't that many Dominicans.

Taking the subway was intimidating at first but after maneuvering around the city today am proud to say that I am getting the hang of it and it's less intimidating than I initially thought.

On the subway today I did see one of those infamous NYC rats. It was a chubby lil' thing scampering around and you could tell that rat was so used to being around people because it was not fazed at all by the crowds.

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