Wednesday, May 16, 2018

These New York Streets

Today was yet another day full of exploration and I must say my feet are so sore right now but at least that's a good indication of a day well spent up and about. Unfortunately the weather has been horrible, I am talking constant rain the whole freaking day! ideally it would have been best to stay indoors binge watching some good TV shows or movies while snacking on goodies that aren't that good for the waistline, but since it's my husband's birthday today........we had to shelf that plan and get out there to brave the gloomy weather.

We took the subway to the 9/11 memorial and museum which commemorate the September 11, 2001 attack that killed almost 3,000 people. Where once stood the Twin Towers is now the 9/11 memorial and it's hard to describe how it looks but I will let the pictures do the talking.

The names you see inscribed belong to those who died on that day.

The museum is right next to the memorial but we didn't get to go inside because there was a long line and it was raining so we decided to skip it and move on to other sites we had planned on checking out.

I was interested in seeing the statues of the wall street bull and fearless girl (google them). Sometimes you just want to take that cheesy photo to be able to say, "I was there once" so of course I decided we should indulge ourselves. There were a bunch of tourists all over the two statues but at least I did manage to get a good shot with the fearless girl statue and my husband was able to sneak one with the bull when he found an opening.

Better than nothing I suppose.........

Otherwise this was the chaos at the front.....

Having completed this mission we decided to go check out the statue of Liberty. There are two ways to do this, you can pay about $35 and get a ticket on a ferry that we were informed makes a stop at Liberty island which is where the statue stands to take close up pictures or, you can take the Staten Island Ferry which is a free ferry that goes back and forth transporting people between Staten Island and Manhattan for free. It doesn't stop at Liberty island but it does pass by the statue of liberty so on a good day you can get some good shots of it. Guess which option we opted for?

The free option of course! unfortunately the weather wasn't the best so this is what we ended up with, Ooh! well, at least we can say we did see the statue of Liberty (which by the way is smaller than I had always imagined). 

The ferry ride was actually very pleasant and quick and I am glad we got to experience it, next up was China Town through Canal street.

We once again took the subway to get us there and despite the rain which had by now gotten heavier, we soldiered on. We had been told that Canal Street was where you could get all those fake designer purses, watches etc. but we were more interested in just checking it out and visiting China Town. It was so funny how someone would come up to you and whisper "Channel, Gucci purse" with the hope of luring you to their shop. We wondered around for a bit, took some pictures and quickly headed back to Brooklyn as we were both tired, wet from the rain and just wanted to get to our room so we could chill.

That's it folks, it was a good day. I now need to take a nap before we head out for the night as my husband wants to go dancing, I would rather stay in bed watching my favorite shows online but it's his birthday so off we go dancing. 

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