Sunday, April 29, 2018

Houston, Texas

I came to the realization that I haven't done a lot of traveling within the US. I have visited several states but there is just so much more to see and explore so it's about time I started appreciating what this country has to offer. My husband and I have decided to be taking more trips within the country whenever possible and I will be writing about those trips as we go along. We recently took a trip to Houston, Texas and even though It was a really short trip we had lots of fun and I got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in years!

This trip was not strictly structured with specific places we wanted to visit, we decided to go with the flow and just enjoy ourselves without the added pressures of trying to see a lot within a short time frame. The priority was to have fun, relax and get a taste of the vibe in this city. Without further ado this is what we were up to..........

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center:

This is one of NASA'S largest research and development facilities where you can learn some very interesting facts about space travel and what it takes to be an astronaut among many other things. We took a guided tour of the center which was really interesting and very informative.

Kemah Boardwalk:

Situated about 20 miles from downtown Houston, this place features: restaurants, retail shops and various amusement rides. We visited during the week so there weren't that many people but I was informed that during the weekend it gets really crowded. I am glad we visited when we did because we were able to enjoy the place without massive crowds and best of all we didn't have long wait times for the things we wanted to do. We had some really good seafood, went on a boat ride and walked around enjoying the ambience. Too bad we didn't take many photos because Kemah is pretty, actually I don't even know why we didn't take photos but hey! at least my friend got this cute shot of us.

Discovery Green:

This is a 12 acre urban park in the heart of downtown Houston. The park is very vibrant and pretty with interesting events that often take place on it's grounds, on a good day you can even get the pleasure of enjoying some free live music. On the day we went there was an event celebrating diversity and they had a deejay who was playing some really good music, there were also several live bands that performed. Definitely a must do if you want to take it easy and enjoy some downtime. 

We even got the pleasure of witnessing a proposal, it was so sweet and everyone around stopped what they were doing to clap for the couple.

The sun was certainly out and bright!

Thick thighs save lives........I could save several lives!


Catching up with friends:

Last but not least I got to enjoy the company of a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in years!!!! to be honest with you, for me this was the highlight of the trip. We laughed, a few tears got shed as we had some "deep girl talk" and we drank & got very merry. What was meant to be lunch ended up extending to happy hour and the hours just seemed to fly by! fun times indeed.

That's it folks! It was a short trip but sometimes that's all you need to re-charge. We have another trip coming up soon so watch out for another update.

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