Monday, August 27, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Boston

All good things must come to an end unfortunately and my trip to this city is no exception. I must admit Boston surprised me with what it has to offer and I can honestly say that it's been one of my best trips so far. The combination of spending time with my friend Angelica who is such a sweet heart and exploring this city with tonnes of entertainment options, made my stay all the more memorable. I left Boston early this morning and I am back home reminiscing about some of the trip highlights which I will share below.

Newbury Street

A two mile stretch of a pretty street filled with boutiques, restaurants/cafes and salons. The beautiful brownstone buildings add to the appeal of Newbury and I would definitely recommend a stroll along the street especially on a nice sunny day.

Beacon Hill

Pretty neighborhood known as one of Boston's oldest as well as most expensive. It's worth your while checking it out and taking a stroll along it's streets, if you love taking photos you will not be disappointed because the area is highly photogenic.

Boston Common

It's America's oldest public park and people come here to jog, walk along the paved paths or just chill out. The African Festival that I had mentioned in my prior post took place at this park and we of course attended. The turn out was pretty good and the event was so much fun.

That's it folks, my last day in Boston was hectic as we spent the whole day out and about. At night we decided to go to a Haitian nightclub to end the night on a high note, loved the music! we danced, laughed, drank and had a very good night. Wouldn't have wanted my last night to end any other way.

 This pretty much sums up the night, good times indeed! and with the best company.

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