Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our First Hosting

Okay so I admit it, falling in love has not been so good for this blog because I have been consumed with other things and I have been staying put in one place so there goes my posts about different adventures in different places. Ooh! well, life happens. What can I say?

Don't worry, I will still be posting random stuff on here so I am not going to go totally MIA on you lovely folks that take time to stop by my blog to see what this crazy girl has been up to. Today I just felt like writing so here I am, it's 4 pm in Quito and it's raining cats and dogs outside while I am in the house feeling cozy and content after having had a very successful hosting. We are finally ready to start hosting people in our apartment so the first people we invited were my Ecuadorian host family, of course they had to be our first guests because they are like my second family in this country.

The boyfriend (Okay, I really have to come up with a better name for him) happens to love cooking so he decided he would be in charge of the menu and I would clean up and run little errands like dashing to the local tienda to buy certain ingredients he would need for cooking. Personally I don't like cooking so this arrangement served me just fine. Dude ended up making a feast without breaking a sweat and needless to say, my host family was awed and he earned major additional points. They loved the food and so did I!

The chow down.

Desert made from scratch, took care of my sweet tooth for sure!

That's it folks! it was a day well spent, we talked, laughed, the boyfriend was given a big stamp of approval and at the end of the day everyone had a good time. Later on after the guests had left and everything was cleaned up I realized I had forgotten to have my pictures taken with the crew, Aaargh! I had such a cute outfit on so it was a bummer but hey, there will be plenty more opportunities to have my picture taken.