Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some Have Vision Boards, I Have My Fridge

A good friend of mine once told me that she liked collecting fridge stickers from places she had traveled to, I liked the idea so I started doing the same. Whenever I travel I always make a point of getting a fridge sticker in addition to any other souvenirs I may get. These stickers may be linked to an activity I took part in during my travels or a specific site I may have visited, I get inspiration to travel more and see more whenever I look at my fridge with all these colorful stickers.

When I set my mind to travel all over South America I stuck a map of the continent on my fridge as a form of inspiration. Whenever I get discouraged and think maybe I can't achieve my dream, I look at the map and get inspired. I trace the path I want to take through South America visiting the countries I am interested in checking out and I get excited at the prospect of undertaking this journey.

Some people have vision boards for inspiration but I have my fridge:)

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