Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Reality

My trip to the Netherlands was very short and I wish I could have stayed longer but I have responsibilities to come back to so I had to make do with the 3 days I could spare. It was nice spending quality time with my friend and just taking it easy and since I have been to the Netherlands a number of times before, I did not have the urge to do the usual touristy activities, I was content in just hanging out and taking it easy.

My vacation is now over and I am back home to face a major decision. Quitting my job. I am nervous and scared but the thought of not having to deal with certain responsibilities related to my line of work makes me feel excited about the choice to quit my job. After 8 years of working as an Accountant in various companies (corporate and non profit) I feel burnt out. I don't want to do it anymore and for a long time I have known that being an Accountant is not for me but you know how it is - you get comfortable and settle for the familiar because you are scared of stepping out of your comfort zone even though it makes you unhappy.

Now I am more than ready to step out of my comfort zone and see what other opportunities are out there for me. Tomorrow will be my first day back to work and it will be the day I set up a meeting with my supervisor to notify him of my decision to resign from my job. I am nervous and excited at the same time but I have to do this. Aii Dios! back to reality............

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