Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love my Support System

It sure feels good when you have a support system to encourage you and cheer you on. These are a few encouraging messages I got when I announced that I finally quit my job and I was really taking a leap toward following my dream:

Friend #1
That is awesome, you have to be fearless sometimes and go down the road less traveled, very proud of you, you will be fine.....this is a turning point in your life enjoy it

Friend #2
I learned last year that fear is a very powerful thing and if you let it control you, you never grow, i was so fearful of changing jobs, working far from home because of my many fears....but when i decided to do it even with the fear i was amazed and was so upset at myself for having wasted so much time with my unfounded fears. My son has survived the change in schedule, he is so much bigger now anyway and doesn't need me as much, at my new job I am learning so much and growing everyday. 2014 will be so much better I am sure, so lets keep being fearless. We only live once.

Friend #3
I'm so awed by what you are doing and how you have prepared.Congratulations for quitting a job you are not happy in. This is it! You go girl, eat life with a serving spoon. Everything will work out perfectly fine. 

Friend #4
You are making the right decision, what does your heart tell you? there you have the answer. Everything will be fine. If you don't go you will think about it the rest of your life wondering what would have happened.

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