Thursday, January 23, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

This girl right here has been busy finalizing her plans for her major trip. As the days leading to my departure keep getting fewer, I realize how much I still need to get done and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed. Actually come to think of it, maybe I am just stressing for nothing because as I look at my to do list which by the way keeps evolving and is not the same as the initial one I had earlier; I realize how much I have got done so far and it's not too bad.

My Passport was running out of pages so I had to have more pages added. Turns out my Trips to Senegal and the Netherlands were blessings in disguise because prior to the trips I had 6 blank pages on my passport but in order to have pages added, I needed to have 2 to 4 blank pages. I did not even know it was possible to add pages to my passport since I assumed you had to fully run out of pages then get a new passport but thanks to the internet and it's vast knowledge, I found out otherwise! So my trips to Senegal and the Netherlands consumed two of my blank pages and I was left with 4, the maximum needed to get pages added! I tell you, that was a close shave. I already sent my passport to get pages added and I am waiting for it to get back to me.

I had wanted to open a Charles Schwab account because they don't charge any foreign transaction and ATM fees while abroad. I have a checking account with Wells Fargo and their ATM fees are usually $5 per withdrawal plus they charge fees for any foreign transactions. Who wants to pay these fees when there are ways to avoid them right? Well, as luck would have it turns out my Capital One 360 (formerly known as ING) account doesn't charge foreign transaction fees nor ATM fees although they told me that if a local bank in a different country had their own fees, they would have no control over that so I would have to pay the local bank fees.

I have also had all my doctor's appointments scheduled in January since I want to take advantage of my insurance before it ends at the end of this month. I got my teeth checked and cleaned, my eyes checked and had the necessary travel shots taken. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I don't have any unexpected health issues that would hinder my travels. I also finally settled on a travel insurance plan with World Nomads. I had been shopping around and they come highly recommended so I will try them out. I am not taking a chance traveling for that long without insurance.

My driver's license is expiring in March so I was able to get it renewed last week, I should be getting it in the mail pretty soon. 

I bought packing cubes on amazon to make my packing more organized. I have never used them before but I will try them out and see how convenient they are.

Phew! so yeah, all these stuff has been keeping me busy but I still have a few more things left to do: I need to file my taxes since I want to be right with uncle Sam before I leave, I need to sell my car, donate some of my clothes, open a safety deposit box to keep important documents.............I am sure tomorrow I will add on to this list. Anyway, this girl will try to take everything a day at a time and not stress so much.

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