Thursday, November 23, 2023

Oman Day Three - Wadi Shab & Bimmah Sinkhole

It feels like I have been in Oman for a long time but it's only been 3 days, I think I feel this way because I have done and seen so much within the short period of time that I have been here. Today I took a tour with a private guide that came highly recommended and our first stop was at Wadi Shab which is the most popular Wadi in Oman that's an hour and a half away from Muscat by car. 

To get to the pools of Wadi Shab you have to take a short boat ride then hike for about 45 minutes to an hour depending on your fitness level and pace. The only challenging aspect of the hike is navigating the very slippery rocks along the way, that's why comfortable shoes with good grip come in handy. The surrounding areas are so beautiful, making the hike worth the while.

Finally got to the pool after an hour of hiking and it was so worth it even though I did not swim.

After getting my fill of Wadi Shab, my guide Nasser took me to another nearby Wadi called Tiwi. This wadi isn't similar to Wadi Shab but it's unique in the way the greenery compliments the surrounding dry terrain. I don't know how else to describe it but it is beautiful in it's own unique way.

After visiting both wadis we took a lunch break then headed to our final stop, Bimmah Sinkhole which is considered one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world. If you fancy a swim you can easily access the water by going down the steps. 

Although this wasn't part of the plan, we made a bonus stop at Qurum beach in Muscat. There were many families seated together enjoying a meal or watching their kids swim and the ambience was family friendly and chill.

That's it folks! a good day was had. I didn't go into too much detail on the places I visited today because I am very tired and ready to call it a night. Tomorrow I have a very early start so I better go to sleep now because I will need a lot of energy to keep going as I have been. Watch out for the next adventure!

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