Friday, November 24, 2023

Oman Day Four, Nizwa

Today's adventure took me to Nizwa which is one of Oman's oldest cities and was once the capital in the 6th and 7th century. It was the center of trade, religion, education & the arts and its strategic location at the crossroads of various important routes, linked the interior of the country to a larger part of the country.

The city is now the second largest tourist destination in Oman that's not to be missed and it's only an hour and a half drive away from Muscat. Some of the city's highlights are as follows:

Traditional Goat Market - I happened to go on the best day, Friday when the city has its old age traditional goat market early in the morning. How I can best describe the goat market is, an auction of livestock where a large crowd gathers in a circle as the livestock is paraded and it's price is shouted out as buyers bid on it until the final best price is called out. It really is quite the experience that's not to be missed while visiting Nizwa. The event starts as early as 6 am so it's best to plan accordingly. 

Nizwa Souq - One of the oldest market in Oman where you can buy food, household items and jewelry, among many other items.

Nizwa Fort - Built in the 17th century, it is one of the most popular forts to visit in Oman and was once the administrative seat of authority for the presiding Imams. Imams at the time assumed the role of leaders, like present day Sultans. At the fort you get a good opportunity to learn about the history of Nizwa and the way of life of the inhabitants at the time, entry is 5 Omani Rial which is $48 rounded up. Point to note, the fort has been heavily restored and looks good as new but you can see the before and after photos in one of the display rooms inside the fort to get an idea of how it originally looked.

From the top of the fort you can get good aerial views of Nizwa city.

That's it folks! I really enjoyed my visit to Nizwa and love how vibrant it is compared to Muscat which in my opinion is really quiet from what I have observed so far. I have 2 more days left in Oman and as my stay in this country is winding down, I have a couple more adventures to get into so watch out for the next update.


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