Sunday, November 26, 2023

Oman Day Six - Muscat

Today being my last day in this wonderful country, I just wanted to take it easy going around Muscat for the last time as I bid the city goodbye. Here are a few photos that I took along the way...

Enjoying a morning walk by the beach before the sun REALLY comes out.

Spicy Karak tea with traditional Omani bread filled with cheese and honey became my breakfast staple.

Enjoying some sweet Omani halwa (a type of confectionary). This shop called Al Diwaniya sells halwa and they always have samples laid out for anyone to stop in and taste with no obligation to buy. There are many stores that do this, be it with dates or other sweets.

Went up Muttrah Fort to enjoy an aerial view of Muscat. It wasn't fun climbing the stairs up with the sun beating up on me, but the views were worth it.

Behind me to my left hand side is the Sultan's personal watch. It is huge if you see it in person.

I think this couple was on a date, couldn't resist capturing such a sweet moment between the two.

That's it folks! it was such a nice and fun filled trip. Glad that I got to experience Oman and its wonderful people, until the next adventure........peace!

PS: I have a cold and feel lousy, hence the lucklaster post.

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