Friday, November 19, 2021

Adventure Filled Day at Kereita Forest

If you are in Nairobi and decide to escape the city in search of nature and an adventure filled day or weekend, head no further than Kereita forest which is only 60 Kms/37 miles from the city. The forest borders the Aberdare's mountain range to the south and is part of it's ecosystem, it is home to a variety of: animals, plant species (some medicinal), Kereita cave and waterfall. The word kereita in kikuyu (local tribe), means "a place of warriors" and it's in this forest that the Mau Mau freedom fighters used as cover when fighting against the British colonialists. 

The beauty of the forest is indescribable and you can enjoy it by partaking in the numerous fun activities being offered. There is zip lining, guided nature walks, mountain biking, paint ball, archery, horse riding etc. as you can see, there is plenty to keep you busy and entertained. I should also mention that the zipline happens to be the longest in East Africa with a length of 2.2 kms/1.4 miles. Entry into the forest is free of charge but you have to pay for the activities, you can buy a package that includes the activities that you are interested in or pay for just one particular activity. the choice is yours.

My family and I decided to do the nature walk which lasted an hour, archery and zip lining. There are two choices for zip lining, you can do two lines which is back and forth, or do 6 lines which will take you around the forest. The 6 lines add up to the 2.2 kms/1.4 miles length and are not continuous, after each line you have to do a little bit of hiking to get to the next. It is quite the work out but well worth it! we opted for the 6 lines which I would highly recommend.

That's it folks! it was such a fun day and we all enjoyed the outing. There is so much to do in Kenya and I have only scratched the surface, watch out for more adventures as I tried squeezing in as much as I can within this vacation.

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