Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ljubljana, Slovenia

First of all, greetings! I know it's been a while since I last posted but here I am once again, excited to share my traveling adventures in Slovenia. I have to admit that Slovenia wouldn't have been anywhere near my radar had I not met my sweet friend Tanja 9 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We stayed at the same hostel and since she had been in Rio longer than I had by the time we met, she offered to show me around and we ended up striking a fast friendship as we bonded over our love of travel. We kept in touch over the years and finally when I had an opportunity to visit her, I did not hesitate hence why I am in Slovenia.

I landed a couple of hours ago and Tanja decided to show me around the capital city Ljubljana (in English it's pronounced: loo - bee - aa - nuh), before the onset of jet lag. It's such a pretty city with a good vibe, we walked around and I got to try some traditional dishes and snacks. We also met up with one of her friends and hang out for a bit before jet lag checked in. I can't write much because sleep is calling my name and I am about to answer, watch out for more updates because the next few days will be filled with fun adventures thanks to Tanja:)

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