Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

I finally made it to Los Angeles! with rising covid cases in California and everywhere else, I almost cancelled this trip as I wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea to travel, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go ahead with my plans and take all the necessary precautions. I arrived in LA at midday and once I got situated at the hostel that I am staying at, I decided to hit the ground running. I had signed up online to join a hiking group that was  meeting in the afternoon to hike up to the famous Hollywood sign and I was really looking forward to it.

I was able to get an Uber to the meeting spot and was glad to find out that the group would have only 3 other people. After introductions and some small talk, we begun the hike which lasted almost 3 hours. During that time I got some good photos, a good work out and enjoyed listening to interesting stories about Hollywood from the guy who was leading the hike. 

After the good long "work out," I got back to my room, showered and decided to take a walk around the area to get more familiar with my surroundings. I took a short walk along the Hollywood walk of fame which isn't too far from the hostel then got dinner before calling it a night.

That's it folks! I had a good day and I hope the rest of my stay here will be enjoyable, tomorrow is another day full of adventure so watch out for the next post.

Random Thoughts of the Day:

Uber and Lyft aren't allowed in LAX airport so if you want to use either one, you have to take a shuttle from the airport that indicates "shared rides" and it will drop you off to an area outside the airport where you can get Uber and Lyft. I had a little moment of panic at the airport looking for my Uber ride only to find out that he was waiting outside the airport, thankfully he was patient enough to wait for me.

If you plan on hiking up the Hollywood sign, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and of course expect to get dusty by the time you are done so I would avoid any light colored clothing.

I haven't stayed in a hostel in years and staying in one currently reminds me of why I prefer a nice quiet Airbnb or hotel. I made sure to get a private room and as much as I like to say "never say never," this time I am confidently declaring that this is the last hostel that I am ever staying in. 

Due to current covid restrictions, restaurants here are doing take out only so no more dining out until further notice. Speaking of restaurants, when I was looking for a place to get dinner I came across an Indian restaurant and I was pretty excited to try it out since I love Indian food. Unfortunately the food sucked big time, I swear I have never had bad Indian food until today. I am just crossing my fingers that I don't get an upset stomach because that's the last thing I need right now.

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