Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dallas, TX

I just wrapped up my trip to Dallas but unlike my other trips, this one was a bit different in the sense that it was geared more toward "business" than pleasure. I linked up with yet another friend that I used to work with and she was hospitable enough to host me and drive me around. Dallas is so spread out and since I hadn't rented a car, my movements were restricted. I did get the chance to check out downtown, uptown and various other areas but the most fun I had was passing time with my friend and her family. I was feeling a bit exhausted from all the running around I had done so it felt good to just chill and enjoy good vibes with cool people. To show how chill I was, these were the only photos I took during my whole just never occurred to me to be taking photos because I was engrossed in other things.

Klyde Warren Park - this is a town square that connects the neighborhood of uptown, downtown and the arts district. Cool place to hang out especially on a nice sunny day.

Boardwalk at Granite Park - yet another cool place to hang out, grab something to eat and just people watch. 

The hosts with the most - good times! PS: appropriate social distancing was exercised, we only got close for a hot second to take a quick snap.

That's it folks! I know this is the shortest post ever but hey! it is what it is, I got to accomplish what I came to Dallas for, so not all was lost. I am back home chilling, hanging out with my husband and enjoying my time off work before taking one more trip. Do watch out for the next post which will be based on yet another city that I have always wanted to visit, LA!

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