Thursday, May 16, 2019

Greetings From Washington DC

We are currently in DC celebrating my husband's birthday and since we have only 3 full days here, I want to make sure we squeeze in as much as possible within the short period of time so let's get started on how our first day was spent.

Day One - National Mall

No trip to DC is complete without visiting the National Mall, I mean.......have you really been to DC if you haven't gone to the National Mall? this is the most visited national park in America where you will not only find monuments and memorials honoring famous historical figures of this country but you will also be spoilt for choice with the numerous world class museums to be found here. On our first day we decided to focus on the monuments and memorials because there was just so much to see. The National Mall is not as small as it may appear in maps, the area is actually quite large and that's why the DC Circulator came in handy.

Our very sweet airbnb host recommended that we use the DC Circulator which is a bus system that has a route going around the national mall stopping at the numbered stops seen on the map below. These stops lead to the various monuments, memorials and museums which are of interest. The bus is free and all you have to do is get on and off at whichever stop you want, the bus comes around after every 10 minutes at each stop.

Lincoln Memorial up close

Washington Monument behind me in the picture below

Martin Luther King Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

The US Capitol

The White House...........had to do some serious zooming here! yes, we were that far from the white house.

After we were done with the mall we headed to H street corridor, an artsy neighborhood full of restaurants and bars. We walked around the area, had some lunch then stopped in at this really cool bar for happy hour. Two sangrias later I was tipsy and ready to take a nap, seriously those sangrias were strong!! 

This is the last picture I took before my phone died, Aaargh! don't you just hate that?! I didn't get to take more photos of the various cool spots along H street.

That's it folks! first full day in DC went very well and we closed the night at this nightclub that had a live salsa band. Needless to say, el esposo had a wonderful birthday so my mission for the day was accomplished, now let's see how the next couple of days will go. Stay tuned!

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