Friday, May 17, 2019

Day 2 In Washington DC

Our second day here we decided to head to the National Museum of African American History and Culture which is open everyday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Entry into the museum is free and if you plan to walk in without an entry pass you can do so during the week starting at 1 pm otherwise you may be required to get an entry pass.

Since we had gone out last night and stayed up till very late, we were able to sleep in and make it to the museum for the walk in hours. There was a long line of people who were waiting to get in and I was worried that we would have to wait for hours but as soon as it got to 1 pm, the line moved pretty quick much to our relief. This is definitely a museum I would recommend, I LOVED it!!!! I was so engrossed by the exhibitions that I managed to take only one photo inside, who has time to be messing around with their phone for photos when there is a lot of interesting information to be digested?!

I just love this image, so powerful!

We spent about a couple of hours at the museum before leaving. If I was by myself I would have checked out a couple more museums but el esposo was done with museums for the day so we headed to the next spot, U street. This was once considered the heart of black culture in America, it went through a period of decline but it's now a lively vibrant area full of restaurants, bars/lounges, nightclubs etc. We had lunch in the area, wandered around checking out various spots before going back to our airbnb.

At night we headed back out again to see a different side of U street. It was so lively with party goers and music blaring from the various clubs, definitely a place for nocturnals. 

That's it folks! second day in DC went well. All the club hopping we did got me relieving my college days. Initially, listening to some of the music playing I was thinking to myself "some of these lyrics are way too vulgar!'" a few drinks later I was the same one singing along "I'm a bad bitch" I tell you, alcohol can do wonders! and on that note, this "bad bitch" is calling it a night. I feel too old for this! it was fun though.

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