Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Feria de Cali - Day 2

Today was a bit different than yesterday in that the day was more focused on salsa related merchandise as opposed to yesterday when the focus was on salsa dances from different groups. We arrived at the festivities in the evening after the sun had gone down and the crowd was large but not as unbearable as yesterday. The area where the festivities were taking place was enclosed so not just anyone could get in, entrance was limited to adults only and anyone underage was turned away. My ex-roommate's daughter and her friends could not get in but they were happy to hang around the area talking, listening to music and basically just being teenage kids as they waited for us to be done.

There was a stage where salsa music was playing and people were hanging around listening or dancing, I really liked the compilation of music.

Had to have fun with some props

That's it folks, I am enjoying the festivities so far and having fun re-visiting familiar areas and seeing familiar faces. Best of all, I am enjoying being surrounded by the salsa that I love in the capital city of salsa.

Random Thoughts of The Day:

Because of the heat, most people prefer going out in the evening after sundown. During the day the streets are quiet but come 5 pm everything comes alive.

I really like that in Cali I don't stand out, it's only when I speak that's when people realize I am not a local because of my Spanish accent.

I had forgotten how attractive people are in this city.

Apparently for any salsa musician to attain recognition and success they come to Cali to test their music, if they are well received then their career takes off world wide....or rather in areas where salsa is greatly appreciated. I have been told that Cali is where Mark Anthony and the famous La India launched their salsa careers. 

My ex-roommate has a neighbor who's daughter likes to come over. The kid is so cute and you should see the little cute outfits that the mum dresses her in, OMG! my ovaries can't take it. She randomly walks into the apartment with her toys and starts showing them to you or starts playing with them on the floor, she is too precious! 

It's so weird to see how much the kids I met here 4 years ago have changed. They are now teenagers with girlfriends and boyfriends and are all about one word answers and hanging out with their friends. Sheesh! is this what parents endure once their kids hit adolescence? I miss those little sweet kids, le sigh!

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